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    product description
    product description

    A natural refreshing mint.

    MiNiMAL is an innovative line with nicotine salts, designed as another tool for first-time vapers or those who want to vape in high nicotine levels, with a minimum of « hit », in tiny devices.

    • Main flavours: Fresh mint
    • Brand: MiNiMAL
    • Made in France
    • 50% PG / 50% VG
    • Strength: 20mg
    • Volume: 10ml

    MiNiMAL, how does it work?

    • As in the plant

    The nicotine in the MiNiMAL eliquids is included in the form of salts. That’s the form which is naturally present in the plant. This property enables a satisfaction, closer to the one you get with a tobacco cigarette

    • Adapt the equipment

    MiNiMAL eliquids are designed for use in tiny vaping devices. It is imperative to adapt the quantity of vapour delivered, as the nicotine will be more easily absorbed.

    Ingredients: Vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, aroma, nicsalt

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