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    Fuu are a popular & well renowned French brand who are dedicated to manufacturing boutique premium Fuu Paris e-liquids, all from their factory & lab in Paris. Their tried & tested recipes used in Fuu vape juice produce uncompromising tastes from powerful icy mint menthol flavours such as Fuu Original Silver Solid Helium or classic dry American tobacco & coconut found in the Fuu Original Silver Lone Cowboy.

    Fuu E-Liquid

    Fuu are a premium French brand who manufacture boutique Fuu Paris e-liquids from their lab in Paris. Their tried & tested recipes used in Fuu vape juice produce flavours from powerful icy mint menthol flavours such as Solid Helium or a classic American tobacco & coconut found in the Lone Cowboy.

    Fuu Original Silver

    Six Fuu Original Silver 10ml e-liquid bottles in a line on a grey background.

    Created with love and care for vapers who are looking for a premium e-liquid range that offers the classic throat hit you usually find with freebase nicotine e-liquids.

    The Fuu Original Silver has flavours to cater to all needs, whether it's boutique tobacco flavours or icy cold menthol - the Fuu have you covered.

    Fuu Prime Nic Salts

    Six Fuu Prime Nic Salt 10ml e-liquid bottles in a line on a grey background.

    With the addition of nicotine salt, for a smooth throat hit, the Fuu Prime nic salts range carry stronger flavours so even those using small pod kits can benefit from tasting the incredibly premium Fuu flavours in this range.

    Choose from mostly fruit or sweet flavours, with additions like blended for a more balanced flavour.

    Fuu e-liquid key features & specification

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    Crafted in Paris

    Over at their manufacturing plant & anaylsis lab, Fuu create the perfect range of premium e-liquids in Paris, using only the finest materials available.

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    Premium flavours

    Only the best of the best ingredients goes into Fuu's range of e-liquids, this way they can ensure a premium taste each and every time. They also test and try out new recipes before finalising.

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    Selection of nicotine strengths

    Whether it's 0, 4, 8, 12 or 16 mg/ml you're looking for Fuu have it with their range of vape juice, available in a selection of different nicotine strengths to match your needs.

    Fuu buyer's guide

    What flavours do Fuu stock?

    Whether you're looking at the Fuu Original Silver or Fuu Prime Nic Salts, there is something for everyone in both these ranges.

    Fuu Original Silver

    • Tobacco - L'Americain for a blonde tobacco with a dash of caramel taste; similar to an RY4 flavour.
    • Menthol - Solid Helium for a super icy cold taste.
    • Fruit - Juicy Lagoon offers melon, pineapple and a blend of tropical fruits.

    Fuu Prime Nic Salts

    • Tobacco - Blended offers a vanilla, caramel and tobacco flavour
    • Fruit - Candy offers a sweet cola, citrus fruits and sweet blend

    What is the difference between Fuu Silver and Fuu Prime?

    The main differences between the two ranges are the types of nicotine used. Fuu Silver uses a freebase type of nicotine, whereas Fuu Prime uses nicotine salt.

    • Freebase nicotine - This is nicotine created in a lab setting, and is completely safe for human consumption. It offers a throat hit on inhalation, similar to traditional smoking.
    • Nicotine salt - this is taken directly from the tobacco plant & also safe for human consumption. This offers a smooth throat hit, even at higher strengths, which some find uncomfortable.

    The House of Vapes - London verdict

    We have always been hugely impressed by each range Fuu have brought out, mostly due to the care and attention taken by the brand to ensure their manufacturing output brings highly premium products each and every time.

    The Fuu Original Silver range is one of our bestselling ranges here at House of Vapes - London and it is no surprise to us when flavours like Fuu Solid Helium or Fuu Lone Cowboy exist.

    We highly recommend these e-liquid ranges to new and experienced vapers, as not only as their tobacco & menthol flavours masterful but so are their fruit blends.

    Fuu FAQ

    Fuu Original Silver delivery information

    You can get yourself free UK delivery on all orders over £30, sent via Royal Mail for delivery the next working day.

    We also offer free Same Day delivery for all qualifying orders over £80, within most London boroughs, so you can relax knowing you won't have to wait prolonged periods of time to get your order to you.