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    In order to help our customers with issues that might occur with Vaping gear, we’ve compiled a small FAQ to avoid further problems and frustration. Remember… If ever in doubt, just give Contact Us, we are always happy to help!


    A: All the electronic cigarette kits presented on our website are constituted of reliable products, acclaimed by consumers. We advise for their efficiency and simple utilisation.


    A: Yes, this is usually caused by using the device at a lower wattage than is needed to effectively vaporise the juice. In order to avoid this, try to raise your wattage slightly and see if the problem goes away. Another issue could be that you’ve been drawing on it too hard and therefore brought in more liquid than the coil can vaporise.


    A: This could mean that your tank is flooded either because it hasn’t been used for a while or your wattage settings are too low for the coil you’re using If you’re vaping on a variable wattage device, ensure that your wattage setting is correct (you can check the appropriate wattage directly on your coil). If you’re not vaping on a variable wattage device you can leave your device upside down over night to avoid liquid going through your coil when you are not using it during a long period of time. In both situation, insert a bit of tissue down the chimney of your device to absorb the extra liquid Or you can wrap the airflow holes with tissue and blow into the drip tip to get all the liquid out.


    A: The following is a list of coil resistances and the recommended wattages for each: -1.8 ohm @ 8-10W -1.6 ohm @ 12-15W -1.2 ohm @ 15-18W -1 ohm @ 18-24W -0.5 ohm @ 25-30W -0.3 ohm @ 30-45W -0.2 ohm @ 45-55/60W These are only suggestions, we would recommend having a look at the recommended wattage from your coil manufacturer. You can find it directly written on the coil. Start from the lowest wattage and increase slowly until you find the wattage that suits you the most.


    A: The quoted time is generally 2-3 weeks of typical use. Heavier ex-smokers who vape more often will wear out their coils faster. More casual users will have their coils last longer. Avoid super-complex and overly sweet liquids to assure long coil life.


    A: Each person will consume e-juice according to what they feel they need to satisfy their nicotine cravings. Aside from the individual aspect, e-liquid consumption will depend on the type of nicotine and the type of device you’re using. Mouth to lung device (similar draw as a tobacco cigarette): It will depend on the user and the level and type of nicotine you’re using. A normal nicotine juice 10ml bottle will last you between 3 to 5 days as the nicotine will be there essentially to give you a throat hit. A 10ml, 20mg nicotine salt would usually last you around 5 to 10 days as nicotine salt is a lot more efficient when it comes to fulfilling your nicotine needs. This will result in you the user) vaping less than you would with normal nicotine e-liquid. Direct to lung device (big vapour production): As these devices produce a lot more Vapour the e-liquid consumption will rise, a 10ml bottle will last you between 1 to 3 days.


    A: Yes and no. It is normal for battery life to decrease in quality after months of use, since charging and discharging batteries wears them down, this is true for all electronic devices powered by batteries. However, if you see your battery isn’t faring well, you might want to adjust the way you are using it. Keep in mind that overcharging batteries negatively impacts their capacity, same goes for completely discharging them. They are happiest when you do not stress them too much (just like people). So, make sure you don’t drain them until they completely die out on you, and don’t charge them overnight. Keep to the instructions that our staff issue when it comes to batteries. And to reinforce our most common piece of advice, do not use iPad chargers for any battery operated vape device as the current provided by those chargers is more than the vape boxes can handle and it will negatively impact their battery life. We’d recommend using a charger with a current output up to 1 Amp (this information will be written on your charger plug). And as always, remember that if a newly purchased device is not behaving as shown in store and has a technical fault associated with the behaviour (for example - the battery is dead and won't hold a charge) bring it back to us and we will happily inspect it and if a fault is found - replace it with a new one! Advanced note: Those of you using high-drain batteries (18650’s, 18350’s, 26650’s and so forth), never EVER drain them past their rated lowest discharge voltage. We recommend you charge your batteries when they reach 3.2 volts (down from 4.2v) to keep them nice and healthy. This is well above most battery ratings. But should you wish to discharge them lower, make sure you don’t go past the rated limits!


    A: Most devices/batteries require to be turned on before use, almost all of them will turn on when you click the fire button five times. If this does not bring up any information on the LCD display or light if no display, that would indicate the battery has run out of charge completely and needs to be recharged if not a built-in battery, make sure the battery has been inserted in the right way. If charging it for a few hours and then turning it on is still unsuccessful, either the battery has unfortunately died and needs to be replaced or the device has an issue, feel free to bring it to one of our stores for it to be inspected.


    A: What you are describing is most commonly known as either a “dry hit” or “burnt coil”.

    Coil lifespan Since how long are you vaping on that coil? A week or so with a direct to lung device? It might be time to change your coil. Not primed coil You’ve just changed you coil and it already tastes burnt? This can result from two things, did you prime your coil or let it sit in your tank filled with e-liquid for a good 5 minutes? If not then the cotton inside your coil wasn’t given the right amount of time to absorb the liquid, this results in a dry hit. Try waiting at least 5 minutes before taking a draw, even then, take a draw at a lower than recommended wattage (written on coils) to heat up the coil and let the e-liquid flow. If it still tastes burnt, you more than likely need to change your coil. Fire Button pressed for too long! You’ve recently changed your coil, not so long ago and suddenly it tastes burnt? You might have left your device on in your bag or pocket, by pressing the fire button without realising. This will burn your coil and is extremely dangerous! Always remember to turn off your device when you are not using it as this can result in unpredictable consequences. Note: When changing your coil, always remember to wash your tank with water to ensure your tank is kept clean and to prevent the taste from previous burnt coils and/or different e-liquid used. How to prime your coil: When you install a fresh coil, dab some e-liquid on the sides where there’s exposed cotton as well as putting 2-4 drops into the top chimney of the coil and let it all soak in, so that when you take a first Remember to fire at a lower than recommended wattage. drag, you don’t burn it.


    A: Leaking is a very broad term in the Vaping world. It is important to make a distinction between actual leakage and condensation from vapour. If the suspected leak is coming from the top of your tank (I.E. the drip tip / mouthpiece) this is vapour condensation, droplets that accumulate inside the drip tip and leak out when the tank isn’t in an upright position. This is absolutely normal and is present in any vape device that uses a mouthpiece / drip tip. This can be avoided by removing the drip tip after use and shaking it out or blowing the excess condensation out of it. If your tank leaks through the airflow intake (most commonly located at the base of the tank), you should consider the following causes – Do you tend to blow into the tank as you “puff” on it? Keep in mind that these aren’t cigarettes with filters, the coils inside tanks are mechanical and blowing air into the tank reverses the vaping process, causing e-liquid and vapour to pass through from your mouth, down the chimney, into the coil and out through the airflow intake, which will result in a leak. The more you do it, the more it will leak. Sometimes, leaking can also be caused by a worn out or defective coil, where the organic cotton within has lost its ability to effectively hold onto the e-liquid and is simply allowing the liquid to seep back through the airflow down the base. This is quickly fixed by replacing the coil with a fresh one (don’t forget to prime it!). Finally, the last two common causes of leakage are mechanical damage and improper sealing. Mechanical damage to glass (by dropping your device or tank onto hard surfaces, or hitting it into something) will crack or shatter the Pyrex tanks and this will result in leaking. Improper sealing means that the O-rings in the tank do not sufficiently seal in the liquid and need to be replaced, however this is easy to do by disassembling the tank and using the spare O-rings provided by the manufacturer to fix the issue. If in doubt, Contact Us.