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    Which Electronic Cigarette To Choose For Which Profile?

    All the electronic cigarette kits presented on our website are constituted of reliable products, acclaimed by consumers. We advise for their efficiency and simple utilisation.

    Which E-Cigarette To Choose For Beginners?

    As we know which e-cig model to avoid, what is the model to begin with? It is prefered to begin with a rechargeable model. The rechargeable e-cigarettes are simple products that contain a clearomiser. This is a reservoir in which we find a vaporisation system and a permanent battery to heat and vaporise the e-liquid. Using the clearomiser creates a sensation in the throat comparable to that of an ordinary cigarette. The clearomiser is suitable for a large number of e-liquids. The latest generation of clearomisers are equipped with airflow rings that allow you to regulate the inflow of air into the clearomiser.

    How Does An Electronic Cigarette Work?

    An electronic cigarette consitutes of a battery and a clearomiser system. The clearomiser is composed of a tank and vaporiser system, named the coil. The battery provides the electrical power to the coil. Two important points to take into account when choosing your e-cigarette, is the autonomy of the battery and the power that it can provide. These are directly related to the vape produced. The clearomiser is composed of a reservoir, a coil (composed of resistive wires and cotton fiber) and a drip tip. The wick of the coil transported by the capillarity of e-liquid contained in the tank up to the resistive wires. The pressure of the activation button of the battery provokes the heating of the resistive wires and vaporises the e-liquid in contact. The vapor produced rises up to the drip tip and is inhaled by the user. The size of the tank, which means the autonomy of e-liquid is crucial to take into account the choice of your electronic cigarette. For more details, see the Clearomiser Guide. The value and the type of coil influences the quantity of vape produced. The coil is consumable which regularly changes (in average 1 coil has a long life of 15 days).

    Why to switch To The Electronic Cigarette?

    If you are a current smoker and wish to quite from traditional tobacco and cigarettes. If you do not smoke, kindly do not start to vape. A recent study from Ernst & Young on the market of the Electronic Cigarette have highlighted that the primary reason for smokers to switch is for Health Protection. 51% of vapers using the Electronic Cigarette because it is less harmful than the traditional cigarette. 49% because the Electronic Cigarette helps reduce the consummation of the cigarette. The price of traditional tobacco is also considered a significant motivation to switch. Source: vapingpost.com

    Is the Electronic Cigarette More Harmful Than Tobacco?

    Contrary to the traditional cigarette, the electronic cigarette has no production of tar or combustion. Gold, is the combustion which is responsible for toxicity in the traditional cigarette. According to the Public Health England, the electronic cigarette is 95% less harmful than the traditional cigarette.

    What is inside an Electronic Cigarette?

    There is quite some misconception regarding the consitution of e-liquids. All our e-liquids and e-cigarettes are compliant with local regulation, as well as having a local lab approval before being sold to the public. If you have any further questions regarding specific mixtures of e-liquids - feel free to reach out to our store sales person or use our web-chat.

    What health advantage does the Electronic Cigarette have?

    For former smokers, the transition to e-cigarettes allows to re-active foregone taste-buds and re-establish a healthy appetite. Furtheremore, chronic respiratory infections are diminished. However, we do not advise e-liquids containing nicotine for preganent women.

    What Are The Advantages Of The Electronic Cigarette Compared To Other Nicotine Substitutes?

    According to experts, doctors and addiction specialists, the electronic cigarette is considered more efficient than other drug substitutes to withdraw from cigarettes for a long time. Even better, the use of the Electronic cigarette is observed as a way to decrease the consumption of nicotine significantly. If worse, it is considered by certain experts like a complementary way for long withdrawals.

    Are Electronic Cigarettes Harmful To Its Surroundings?

    The theme remains an open discussion for now. Some studies show neglectable values of nicotine in exhaled vape by consumers contrary to those of traditional cigarette.

    Is The Electronic Cigarette a mean to withdraw from The Traditional Cigarette?

    Multiple studies show the reduced risk associated to vaping compared to smoking cigarettes. With the electronic cigarette, there is no combustion of nicotine or other products. The risks have reduced by 95% according to certain experts and the number of vapers that reduced or completely stopped the tradional cigarette have increased when they switched to vaping.

    I'm a beginner, which Electronic Cigarette should I buy?

    We advise the model which corresponds to your preferences and which imitates the sensation of smoking. It's the ultimate mix of vape pleasure and sensation in the throat, together with the appreciation of the taste of e-liquids. If you wish to know in full detail how to find which e-cigarette to choose? Ask for advice over our life chat or come in to one of our stores and we will tell you which e-cigarette to choose.

    Do I Need A Box Mod To Begin With?

    These are so-called nugget box-mods or mini box-mods. These box-mods are simple to use and often have a long battery life. Reading the user manual is however essential. Box mods are often seen as the second purchase of vapers for those that whish to advance in material.

    Why Are There Large Sized Electronic Cigarettes?

    Some mods have prioritzed the longevity of the battery whereas others have increased the power by the mod to create a lot of cloud. These mods are not meant for beginners, as they demand a solid understanding of the functionality of the coil and batteries. Mods that are smaller in size are often more directed towards beginners.

    Can I Use My Electronic Cigarette Anywhere?

    By EU/UK law effective from January 2016, it is not permitted to vape in the workplace and other public places. This legislation differs however per country, with public vaping banned in a few countries across the world. It is therefore recommended to inform about local legislation before consuming.

    I want an electronic cigarette that produces a lot of clouds, which vape device do I choose?

    We recommend a starter kit that comes with a sub-ohm tank and a variable wattage device, being a box mod or pen style mod. In order to create clouds, you would need to make sure your coil’s resistance is 0.5ohm or below and set your mod at around 70+ watts, however, all is down to personal preference. In addition to this, you would need to use a liquid that is of 60VG or higher. VG produces thicker and denser vapour which is smoother on the throat.

    Is an Electronic Cigarette more expensive than tobacco?

    The answer depends on how frequent you would use the Electronic Cigarette. Closely related to purchasing an Electronic Cigarette is to cosider other cost factors such as the purchase of liquids and resistors that eventually wear out. The amount of e-liquid and the absorbtion speed of the coil is related to the user frequency of the electronic cigarette. If you consume a high level of el-iquid (around 10ml/per day), it might be more advantouge to make your own liquid. This is called DIY (Do It Yourself), which will save you money and is rather simple to do. To further economise, you could construct your own coil and material with the help of so-called "reconstructables" or "repairabes". This could further reduce the costs of vaping, but would require some basic technical knowledge to fulfill.