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    August 23, 2019

    Pod Style beginner guide

    Looking to start vaping? We’ve all been there… Here at House of Vapes, whether in store or online, we are always happy to help and recommend the device that will suit your needs most.

     Pod Style Kit Brake Down


    Battery – The Battery is the piece that feeds and provides the device with electric in order to send energy to the coil and operate.

    Button – The button needs to be pressed to be activated. This could be 5 clicks to turn on / off and 3 clicks to change settings (depending on device). Pressing the button will send power to the coil which will generate heat and vapour production.

    Base – Screws the coil to the battery to form a connection. This piece also contains an adjustable air ring (depending on the tank as it could be at the top of the tank), the airflow can be adjusted to suit the user’s requirements.

    Coil – The heart of an electronic cigarette, housed in a metal surrounding, the coil is wrapped inside and has organic cotton running through it. Once you heat this up and saturate it with liquid, it will allow vapour to be produced. These are ideally changed every 2-3 weeks (depending on the user).

    Tank – A compartment that holds the e-liquid and screws onto the battery. Regulated to maximum 2ml.

    Drip Tip – The Drip tip is the part that makes contact with the mouth. This piece plays a crucial part in comfort, flavour and temperature of vapour when inhaling.



    Step by Step:

    As you can see, we have come up with a step-by-step guide to help you get started with your new pod-style device that will help you kick away your tobacco cravings.

    1. Unclip and remove pod from the mod and screw coil in (if applicable).
    2. Prime the coil by placing one drop on each exposed cotton.
    3. Fill pod with your desired liquid, make sure your pod is a bit slanted as it will be easier to fill (preferably 50PG / 50VG)
    4. Let the liquid sit for around 5 minutes.
    5. Click the button (if available) 5 times to turn on.
    6. Take a couple of soft pulls to let the liquid saturate the coil. 

    Tips & Tricks

    a. Some pods are prefilled, meaning that the pod is already filled with liquid and there is no option to refill it. When this type of pod tastes a bit burnt, it’s a simple plug in and play.

    b. Most pod systems have a preinstalled coil without the option of removal. You would need to skip to step 3 in the Step by Step above, please do not attempt to remove the coil from the pod.

    c. Coils last between 2-3 weeks; this depends on the user (i.e. wattage and consistency), the coil used (low or high ohm) and e-liquid used (sweet or not).

    d. It is not recommended to charge your device with a charger that outputs more than 1.0amp and overnight. This can cause your battery to overcharge which will, in the long run, be a very bad experience (less battery life, overheating). We tend to tell all our customers to not do this as a safety precaution.

    e. Do not vape whilst charging the device. In this instance, we urge our customers to not vape their device whilst charging it. The only reason you would is if your device has a built-in passthrough system. This means that the device is not using the battery to operate whilst on charge, it is taking the battery straight from the power source.

    f. You can saturate the cotton faster by covering the airflow and taking a pull, remember to not click the button whilst attempting this trick. When doing this, be sure to take a pull that’s not too hard, as it might cause leakage and spillage from the drip-tip.

    g. Bear in mind, all e-liquids are not compatible with one device, remember to check your coil resistance. Depending on the coil used, you can kind of determine which liquid would suit best.

      Below we have created a table to help you decide which e-liquid ratio suits you most:

      E-Liquid guideline, MTL/DTL

      The reason you would need to match the coil resistance with the PG/VG ratio is due to the thickness of the VG. VG is a sweet yet thick ingredient, which means that most coil resistances above 0.8ohm will struggle to wick with thicker e-liquid. What is wicked? This is when the liquid is able to travel down the tank, into the coil through the cotton hole.


      Hopefully, you have found this article to be helpful. If not, do not hesitate to come into any of our stores for further advice or contact us via live chat or phone.

      House of Vapes - Team

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