House of Vapes - London: Vape shop and Coffee Shop

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  • About Us

    We as vapers hear you.

    It’s a challenge to transition away from traditional forms of tobacco and nicotine. Every week there’s something new; devices, flavours, new liquids… Sometimes, these can be hard to get your head around. This is not how we want to see it.

    At House of Vapes we know how to guide you through every step of choosing, purchasing and even using an electronic cigarette. For every milestone you hit, there will be someone here to give advice or just to give an ear to the questions you always thought were silly.

    Even if you just want to see what all the fuss is about… We’re here.


    The largest part of our shop… The Coffee Shop

    Whether you vape or not all are welcome to come and enjoy our luxurious cafes.

    We see the value in great coffee. As the air fills with the smells of rich, smooth coffees from our Italian coffee machines. As the trained Italian Barista pours cup after cup of excellent coffee drinks, from our doppio roast beans with a love heart on top or even a swan. You’ll find somewhere comfortable to read a book, use a laptop to reach that pending deadline or just to meet your friends. We have sights and aromas in mind. Making each of our cafes a living room from home.

    For those that really have coffee as their staple, we will have to tempt you with Chemex Coffee. An infusion process invented by a German chemist during the 1940s. This method of brewing delivers a very floral and aromatic coffee, sweet without sugar and smooth without milk. Something worth a visit in itself…


    Whether you are beginning and just want to find the correct device for you or you have plenty of experience our introductory sessions are popular and have met the needs of many. Book the time, save the date and you know you will leave the shop with a smile on your face.

    Even if you want to learn some of the advanced stuff… Current = Voltage divided by resistance… If this interests you? We have the safe space for you to learn.

    We offer two types of one to one sessions:

    • The first is intended for beginners wishing to learn about e-cigarettes and receive advice on choosing the right device
    • The second is for experienced vapers who want to learn how to rebuild to their desired resistance safely and why.


    - House of Vapes Team -