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  • ITV Documentary - Behind the Clouds

    ITV Documentary
    ITV Documentary

    We're very happy to share some news with you all - we've recently been featured on ITV when they paid us a visit at our Shoreditch store to talk with some of you guys about vaping and get responses on the latest study from the Royal College of Physicians which states that vaping is a healthier alternative to smoking (something we all knew, but it's nice to see it all finally studied and backed). 

    You can find the link to the article and video here.

    As always, we will always be happy to host media in our stores and provide them with all the information they may need in order to understand vaping and the many, many benefits it has over smoking conventional tobacco cigarettes.

     We have also been featured in a documentary which was shot a little while back, which talks more in-depth about vaping. You can watch this below: