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    How To Choose E-Liquid

    The most important part of vaping is choosing the right e-liquid for you. With there being so many flavours out there now, how would you possibly know the correct e-liquid you need to use? In vaping there are different factors to consider whilst choosing the correct e-liquid. 

    Let’s first get into the basics - e-liquid is simple to make but hard to master. E-liquid is formed by only 4 ingredients; Vegetable Glycerine (VG), Propylene Glycol (PG), food grade flavourings and nicotine (if applicable). 

    When seeing a liquid listed as 50% VG / 50% PG, this means the e-liquid contains a blend of 50% vegetable glycerine, 50% propylene glycol. The PG contains 10% flavourings and nicotine (if added). This type of e-liquid is best used in pod style vape kits and pen style vape kits.

    VG E-Liquids

    Vegetable Glycerine (VG)

    VG comes from vegetables oils, although it is processed from oils, it is not an oil. VG is a non-toxic, colourless fluid without any smell but is sweet and thick.

    High VG e-liquids are recommended to be used in sub-ohm tanks, as the coils are able to wick the liquid more efficiently and will produce denser vapour. 

    Liquids with a higher percentage of VG are more likely to have a lower nicotine strength; 0mg, 3mg, 6mg and some in 12mg. 

    Warning: Pure glycerine that is heated to more than 250 °C can generate acrolein, a harmful substance potentially carcinogenic. There are no regulated devices that we sell capable of heating e-liquids to this temperature.

    PG E-Liquids

    Propylene Glycol (PG)

    PG is a synthetic compound, thinner than VG, and carries a sweet taste. PG is used in some foods and medicines to keep them moist. Some people might be sensitive to PG.

    High PG e-liquid is recommended to be used in mouth to lung devices, such as starter kits like pod or pen style kits. 

    These are also perfect for those wanting to make the switch to vaping as the flavour is better and available in higher nicotine strengths than high VG e-liquids, enabling a stronger throat-hit. 

    High PG and a 50/50 ratio e-liquids are ideal for beginners and recommended for devices with low power or with a high resistance coil so that there is a throat hit. 

    E-Liquid Flavours

    E-Liquid Flavourings

    The benefit of vaping is having so many flavours to choose from!

    E-liquid flavours are food-grade additives as the fluid itself doesn’t have any taste and undergo many checks such as quality control and hygiene tests in certified laboratories before being sold in stores.

    An e-liquid can contain a single flavouring or be more complex and have a mixture of several flavours.

    Freebase Nicotine

    Freebase Nicotine

    Nicotine is a synthetically produced chemical, people believe it is a dangerous substance, when in fact, the smoke and other chemicals in cigarettes are harmful.

    There is no chance of poisoning yourself by vaping nicotine, as we all know our limits, if vaping a too high nicotine strength it might make you feel a bit nauseous and give you a headache.

    Nicotine is great for the throat-hit, if you are vaping and not getting a satisfying hit, you might need to try a higher nicotine level.

    Nic Salt E-Liquids

    Nicotine Salts

    Nicotine salts are for those wanting to vape a higher nicotine strength without getting a rough throat-hit.

    This type of nicotine is also absorbed into the bloodstream easier and faster than freebase nicotine. Nicotine salt is the natural nicotine salts found in tobacco plants with the addition of benzoic acid. This is a purer version than regular nicotine used in e-liquid and can satisfy the user after a couple of puffs. 

    Most Nicotine Salt e-liquids comes in a 50/50 VG/PG ratio as they are best for those looking for a traditional smoking experience. 

    Now that we have talked about the compositions of e-liquids, we can move onto the type of flavours and recommended nicotine dosage.

    There is a large number of flavours available, this is good for those that know what they like. However, people get discouraged when it’s time to choose which flavour. To help you navigate to your desired flavour, we have organised the ranges we sell into 5 categories:

    How To Choose Your Nicotine Strength

    We have come to the final step, choosing the nicotine strength that will be best suited to you! In the UK you will find e-liquids with nicotine levels that vary from 0mg to 20mg.

    There are two factors to consider when choosing your nicotine dosage:
     • Your consumption of cigarettes
     • The e-cigarette you have chosen

    A heavy smoker using an e-cigarette with a low wattage will prefer a higher strength of nicotine. A smoker who uses a more powerful e-cigarette should opt for a lower nicotine dosage as you will absorb more nicotine with each puff. At the end of the day, you will know what is best for you. 

    This is all to do with the “throat hit” you feel from the e-cigarette, you wouldn’t want a hit that is too strong as it might put you off using your e-cigarette. In addition to this, you wouldn’t want to not feel an insufficient hit as this will cause you constantly pull on your e-cigarette and cause an overconsumption of e-liquid.

    Below we have created a table for the nicotine dosage, VG/PG and type of tank we recommend to both Direct-to-Lung and Mouth-to-Lung users:

    Nicotine StrengthMost Likely VG/PG RatioSuitable For
    0% (0MG)
    Around 60VG/40PG or Higher VGNicotine free users
    0.3% (3MG) (Very Low)
    Around 60VG/40PG or Higher VG5 cigarettes a day
    0.6% (6MG) (Low)
    Around 60VG/40PG Some 50VG/50PG10 cigarettes a day
    1.2% (12MG) (Medium)
    Around 50VG/50PG or Higher PG10-15 cigarettes a day
    1.8% (18MG) (High)
    Around 50VG/50PG or Higher PG15-20 cigarettes a day
    2.0% (20MG) Nicotine Salt
    Around 50VG/50PG or Higher PG20+ cigarettes a day

    For non-smoker wishing to vape an e-cigarette for any reason, we strongly advise against buying one. However, if you wish to vape, we strongly advise you do not vape any e-liquid that contains nicotine!

    To find out more about high VG e-liquids, you can check out our blog post here.
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