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  • Five 10ml bottles of The Fuu Original Silver on a dark wooden table, with the Fuu Original Silver logo to the right hand side.Three 10ml Fuu Original Silver bottles on a dark wooden table, with the Fuu Original Silver logo in white above.

    The best Fuu Original Silver vape juice flavours

    As one of our bestselling e-liquid ranges that we offer, this blog will take a deep dive into which of The Fuu Original Silver e-liquid flavours are the best and look at the brand themselves, what they do to offer the highest quality premium products and more.

    If you find after reading this blog post that you have further questions then do not hesitate to check out our FAQs section or get in touch with our customer service team.

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    Who are Fuu?

    Fuu e-liquids are based in Paris, France where they produce all their own e-liquids and concentrates all in house using only the highest quality ingredients available; resulting in the most premium UK e-liquids you could possibly find.

    Fuu are one of only four companies in the world to offer e-liquids that are certified by AFNOR certification, ensuring that:

    • Their e-liquids are manufactured and packaged in compliant with strict hygiene and safety rules
    • The components of their e-liquids are optimised for production and only use safe ingredients
    • Raw materials are continuously analysed, ensuring compliance and safety
    • Annual inspections of their factory and laboratory, by an independent expert auditor, to confirm they are maintaining high standards
    • Analysis performed randomly by independent laboratories to ensure high quality products maintain

    This helps vapers maintain confidence when vaping Fuu, knowing that they are the most premium e-liquids you can find here in the UK.

    What ranges do Fuu e-liquid offer?

    We are proud to offer two of the Fuu’s premium e-liquid ranges, both made in Paris with the highest quality ingredients - Fuu Original Silver & Fuu Prime nic salts.

    The Fuu Original Silver e-liquids

    One of our bestselling UK e-liquid ranges, the Fuu Original Silver e-liquids offer a variety of premium e-liquid flavours from unrivalled classic tobaccos to more audacious blends including menthol and fruit mixes.

    Making the switch to vaping can be daunting, but Fuu have ensured that by combining vigorous production guidelines and using only the highest quality ingredients that they can offer a range of premium e-liquids that are like no other available.

    From the bestselling powerful icy mint that is Fuu Original Silver Solid Helium to the classic American tobacco and coconut blend that is Fuu Original Silver Lone Cowboy you are guaranteed to find a flavour in this range that you’ll love!

    A hand grasping a 10ml bottle of The Fuu Original Silver Lone Cowboy with the camera facing down.
    Seven 10ml bottles of Fuu Prime stacks behind another on. a white background with the Fuu Prime logo to the left.

    Fuu Prime nic salt e-liquids

    The newest range from Fuu is the Fuu Prime nic salt e-liquids range, featuring a variety of flavours from fruity blends such as pineapple or apple alongside tobacco and dessert flavours.

    This range features nicotine salt, derived from the tobacco leaf, which is ideal for vapers who are looking for a higher nicotine strength from their e-liquid but with the removal of the harsh throat hit regular e-liquids offer. Nicotine salt is easier for your body to absorb, compared to freebase nicotine, meaning a reduction in nicotine cravings quicker than regular e-liquids.

    What flavours are available in the Fuu Silver e-liquid range?

    The Fuu Original Silver e-liquid range offers a variety of premium flavours such as:

    Menthol & Mint

    From a powerful icy mint to a standard green mint flavour, The Fuu Original Silver has you covered.

    Their bestselling Solid Helium e-liquid flavour is available in a variety of nicotine strengths and offers a super strong and powerful ice cold hit - ideal for those making the switch to vaping for the first time or those who just love the coldest of vape flavour known to the world.


    Fuu have really mastered the recreation of tobacco flavours, whether you’re looking for a neutral tobacco flavour such as L’Intense or a classic dry American tobacco blended with subtle touches of coconut found in the Lone Cowboy flavour - another of their bestselling flavours!


    Experience traditional gourmet French coffee like never before with Fuu’s masterful recreation with their Cute Luwak flavour - ideal for those who love coffee flavours with a touch of mystery.


    From a simple white peach flavour in Drama Queen to their tropical fusion of melon, pineapple and tropical fruits in Juicy Lagoon, The Fuu Original Silver range has got the fruit vape flavour fans covered by mastering these simple yet strong flavours.

    Which vape kit do I need for vaping Fuu e-liquids?

    As the Fuu Original Silver features 60% PG, their range is designed for use with starter vape kits - such as pen-style vape kits or pod-style vape kits due to its high PG content.

    The Fuu Prime nic salts e-liquid range is also designed for both of these kits, as they are 50/50 VG/PG. 

    Using either of these e-liquids in a sub ohm vape kit is likely to lead to leaking and very strong throat hits.

    What is the best nicotine strength in Fuu e-liquids?

    A selection of the Fuu Original Silver flavours are available in nicotine strengths of 0, 4, 8, 12 and 16 mg/ml. Making the journey to 0 mg/ml (zero-nicotine) easily achieved through reducing strength when you’re ready - maintaining the same great tasting flavours.

    Fuu Prime nic salts are only available in a 20 mg/ml strength, as they use nicotine salt they are ideal for light-heavy smokers making the switch to vaping.

    Which Fuu Silver vape juice flavours are the vape UK bestsellers?

    This range is best known for its recreation of a range of classic tobacco flavours such as:

    The Fuu Original Silver Lone Cowboy 10ml E-liquid on a white background, with a red corner stating 'Bestseller'.

    The Fuu Original Silver Lone Cowboy

    Classic dry American tobacco and coconut.

    The Fuu Original Silver L'Authentique 10ml E-liquid on a white background, with a red corner stating 'Bestseller'.

    The Fuu Original Silver L’Authentique

    A neutral and soft tobacco, expertly crafted.

    The Fuu Original Silver Le Classic 10ml E-liquid on a white background, with a red corner stating 'Bestseller'.

    The Fuu Original Silver Le Classic

    An expert take on a classic light tobacco.

    The Fuu Original Silver L'Americain 10ml E-liquid on a white background, with a red corner stating 'Bestseller'.

    The Fuu Original Silver L’Americain

    A blonde tobacco with layered notes of caramel.

    The most popular flavour from The Fuu Original Silver here at House of Vapes - London is the Solid Helium flavour; offering a super strong icy cold mint and menthol flavour - great for hot weather or making the switch to vaping for the first time.

    Which Fuu Original Silver e-liquid is best for me?

    The best Fuu Original Silver e-liquid for you is all dependant on what it is you like about an e-liquid flavour.

    If you’re making the switch from traditional smoking to vaping for the first time, a tobacco flavour might be ideal to help you make the switch to vaping completely as these are flavours you are already familiar with and your brain associates with nicotine.

    For those who were smoking menthol cigarettes, a menthol flavour is an easy substitution such as The Fuu Solid Helium flavour.

    A huge variety of Fuu 10ml e-liquid bottles in a blue plastic tub.

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