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    The Best Alternatives To Disposable Vapes

    Are you an avid vaper looking for an alternative to disposable vape pens? The good news is there are plenty of great options to choose from! From easy to use prefilled pod kits to refillable pod kits, we have something to offer all types of vapers.

    In this blog, we'll cover the best alternatives to disposable vapes, the benefits of using reusable vapes. We'll also cover why switching to reusable vapes is something you should do and how to choose the one that's right for you. So, let's get started!

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    What options are available?

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    How to get disposable vape flavours in your vape kit 

    Bar salts

    Bar salt e-liquids are a great option for those looking to replicate the experience of disposable vapes.

    These e-liquids use a higher level of flavour concentration than regular e-liquids to help create a taste that is similar to the disposable vapes.

    This makes bar salt e-liquids a great choice for those looking to customise their vaping experience without sacrificing flavour.

    Choose from a huge range of premium brands such as Double Brew, ELFLIQ by Elf Bar, Riot BAR EDTN, IVG Bar Favourites and more here at House of Vapes - London and find your next all-day-vape.

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    Bar Salt e-liquids
    Double Brew e-liquid range

    Double Brew e-liquids

    The new Double Brew nic salt e-liquids from Ohm Brew feature double the flavour concentration compared to regular e-liquids recreating the strong flavours found in disposable vapes.

    From the creators of many premium e-liquid ranges such as Ohm Brew 50/50, Ohm Brew Badass Blends and much more! The Double Brew bar salts e-liquid range is brewed and bottled in the UK and available in such a wide variety of flavours you’re bound to find your next all-day-vape.

    Treat your tongue to an all new brew with twice the flavour, available in 5mg, 10mg & 20mg nicotine strengths.

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    ELFLIQ by Elf Bar

    Recreate the great tasting flavours of the Elf Bar Disposable Vapes range by using the new ELFLIQ by Elf Bar e-liquid range! Perfect for starter kits or pod-style kits.

    From the creators of the popular Elf Bar 600 disposable vapes, the ELFLIQ by Elf Bar range takes all your favourite Elf Bar 600 disposable vape flavours and transports them into a 10ml bottle for you to use with your own vape kit.

    They’re more economical than standard disposable vapes and have a reduced environmental impact too, making them a perfect way to switch away from disposable vapes onto something better all round.

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    ELFLIQ By Elf Bar
    Riot BAR EDTN e-liquids

    Riot BAR EDTN e-liquids

    Bar salt e-liquids are a great option for those looking to replicate the experience of disposable vapes.

    Riot E-Liquid have been in the vaping industry for what feels like forever - with a variety of premium e-liquid ranges, whether that be in nic salt format or high VG shortfills.

    Riot E-Liquid have taken their hand to crafting this unreal premium range of bar salt e-liquids, known by the name Riot BAR EDTN - with even more flavour concentrate than regular e-liquids so you can vape the same strong flavours you’re used to with disposable vapes.

    From fruity mixes such as blueberry sour raspberry to their super popular peach ice tea, the Riot Bar EDTN bar salts e-liquid range has everything you could possibly want to vape.

    Shop The Riot BAR EDTN Range