How To Vape | A Beginners Guide To Vaping
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  • How to vape: a beginners guide to vapingHow to vape: a beginners guide to vaping

    How To Vape: A Beginners Guide To Vaping

    Vaping can seem quite overwhelming when switching over for the first time - it's no surprise with so many different types of products and terminology.

    Here at House of Vapes - London, we have taken the time to break down the process to make switching to vaping easier than ever before!

    If you have any further questions then check out our FAQ's section or get in touch with our customer service team.

    What Is Vaping?

    Vaping is the action or practise of inhaling and exhaling vapour which can contain nicotine and flavourings, produced by an electronic cigarette (e-cigarette) combined with e-liquid.

    Vaping has become increasingly popular as a method of quitting smoking, with the NHS quoting, after a Public Health England Review, that:

    ”Former smokers who have now switched to using e-cigarettes or NRT have significantly lower levels of toxins than those who continue to smoke regular cigarettes.” - NHS, UK

    Why Should I Switch To Vaping?

    There are a variety of reasons why you should consider making the switch from smoking to vaping, primarily avoiding the 7000 different chemicals, many of which are known to cause cancer, which are found in tobacco smoke. Public Health England have found vaping to be 95% less harmful than smoking, as e-cigarette vapor does not include the many harmful substances found in tobacco smoke.

    What Do The Experts Say?

    A variety of expert bodies have vouched for vaping as a safer option, compared with traditional smoking, such as the NHS Live Well campaign who have an article on Stop Smoking Using E-Cigarettes.

    Public Health England put together a short film with leading smoking researcher Dr Lion Shahab and Dr Rosemary Leonard who can be seen carrying out a demonstration to visually illustrate the impact of smoking vs vaping over the period of a month.

    How To Vape

    We know how difficult making the switch from smoking to vaping can be, and that's why we have put together this short and easy to follow guide. Read on to find all the information you need to get started, from choosing your first vape kit, to identifying the right e-liquid strength for you.

    For more detail on deciding your first vape kit, the pro's and con's and more head over to our How To Choose Your E-Cigarette Blog Post.

    For even more help with choosing an e-liquid and the correct strength, head over to our How To Choose Your E-Liquid blog post.

    Step 1. Get Yourself A Starter Vape Kit

    Order yourself a starter kit, such as the Aspire PockeX AIO Kit (pictured left) which is an all-in-one pen-style vape kit which can be refilled with e-liquid in your preferred flavour and nicotine strength.

    Alternatively, a device such as the Vuse ePod 2 Device Kit (pictured right) or JUUL starter kit uses prefilled pods - just pop in a pod and you’re ready to go.

    Step 2. Order E-liquid Or Prefilled Pods

    If you purchased a standard starter vape kit, which can be refilled, then a low VG e-liquid is what you will need.

    If you ordered a prefilled pod device such as a Vuse ePod 2 or JUUL starter kit, then you will need to order some prefilled pods which are available in a variety of flavours.

    E-liquids or prefilled pods more often than not come in a variety of nicotine strengths. The idea is to match your current cigarette intake with the corresponding nicotine strength.

    • 1-5 cigarettes a day: 0mg - 3mg
    • 5-10 cigarettes a day: 6mg
    • 10-20 cigarettes a day: 10mg - 20mg
    • 20+ cigarettes a day: 18mg - 20mg

    E-liquid flavours are found in a variety of categories, such as fruity, minty, tobacco, sweets, drinks and more.

    3. How To Inhale A Vape

    There are 2 types of inhales commonly used with vaping, known by the acronyms MTL & DTL.

    MTL - Mouth-to-lung
    This method requires the user to inhale the vapour into their mouth, then with a closed mouth take another breath in to inhale the vapour. This is most commonly found with starter kits as it replicates a similar experience to smoking traditional cigarettes

    DTL - Direct-to-lung
    This method requires the user to inhale straight into their lungs and then exhale vapour almost immediately. This is most common with sub ohm kits, as they produce vast amounts of vapour due to their high VG containing e-liquids.

    Step 4. Maintaining Your Vape Kit & Replacing Your Coil

    When your vape kit starts to taste burnt, or no longer has much of a taste - it’s time to change your coil or pod. The reason for the burning taste is because the cotton inside the coil has worn away.

    Each vape kit comes with an instruction manual on how to change your coil and can be done within 5-10 minutes. When you insert a new coil or pod ensure that you leave it in a tank/pod filled with e-liquid for 10 minutes to allow the cotton inside to soak up the e-liquid.

    If you are using a prefilled pod device, the pods cannot be refilled and should be disposed of and replaced with a new pod. For disposable vape kits, once the kit is empty it cannot be refilled or recharged so it should be thrown away and replaced with either a fresh disposable or a more permanent reusable vape kit.

    Now you’ve completed all 4 steps you are ready to vape on, but remember our customer service team are always at hand ready to answer any questions or queries you may have via email, live chat or telephone.


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