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  • Rope Cut High VG tobacco range overview

    October 25, 2018

    Rope Cut E-liquid 50ml / 10ml

    Crafted in the cold and frosty Montreal, Canada, Rope Cut is a high VG tobacco range that is inspired by the classic cut of every sailor’s favourite pipe tobacco. The tobacco is not cut, but rather spun into thick cords that resemble ship ropes. Once the tobacco is put into the captain’s pipe, he could flip it in any which way, without having the worry of the tobacco falling out. Storm proof and perfect for when you are lost at sea. Rope Cut is a collection of premium tobacco blends which are handcrafted using the highest quality ingredients. Infusing the tobacco with favourite daily delights, complimenting and admiring the tobacco taste with complexity and depth. Refined and smooth on each inhale and exhale, the perfect e-liquid for an all-weather vape.

    Available in a 70/30 VG/PG blend for great flavour and cloud production.
    Nicotine strength varies from 00mg, 03mg, 06mg, 12mg in 10ml, 00mg
    50ml shortfill and 20mg nicotine salt (50/50 VG/PG).
    Helping you weather through any storm that may come your way.


    Skipper by Rope Cut is the most popular in the range, it features a creamy and fluffy custard accompanied by a rich tobacco flavour, perfect for an all-day vape. At lower wattages, you taste the sweet custard with notes of tobacco. At higher wattages, you taste a strong tobacco followed by a light custard aftertaste.

    Dark Thirty by Rope Cut is a very popular flavour in the range, it features a fruity mix of dry raisin, bold rum and plum tobacco. Similar to a well-known cigar in Canada just without the wine. Dark thirty is great for pipe smokers that want to cut down. On the inhale you are met with a blend of tangy raisins with a hint of sugary rum, complemented by a dark rich plum tobacco. 

    Loose Canon by Rope Cut combines a mouth-watering caramel, crispy nutty notes and a natural tobacco flavour to create a skilful blend. At lower wattages you will experience the smooth caramel along with a tad of nuts and dry tobacco, creating the perfect sweet yet dry concoction.

    Merrimack by Rope Cut is the most dexterous blend of them all. Mixing three different flavour profiles, yet they work well together. On the inhale, you get a creamy tobacco infused with a smooth vanilla which is joined by subtle spearmint on the exhale giving you a silky and fresh vape. At lower wattages, the vanilla becomes more potent whilst at higher wattages, the spearmint takes over your palate.

    Santo Domingo by Rope Cut features a perfect balance of spicy cinnamon and chewy coconut coupled with a smoky tobacco. The flavour comes through equally well at lower and higher wattages, on the inhale you are greeted by a cinnamon and coconut blend followed by a rich tobacco mixed to perfection.

    Shellback by Rope Cut is not your average tobacco, it is the true tobacco flavour before adding the other chemicals and being burnt, Shellback is tobacco in its purest form like used in a pipe. Sit back and appreciate this complex fusion that works incredibly together. On the inhale, you get a subtle graham cracker with smooth tobacco notes. On the exhale, you get a hint of apple with an aftertaste of chewing tobacco.



    As we can see, Rope Cut is a specialised tobacco range that offers the highest quality tobacco blends. Rope Cut Salts is available in 50/50 VG/PG, 20mg nicotine salt which is great for MTL vapers.

    If you have any questions relating to this post or about vaping in general, do not hesitate to contact us, we are always one phone call away.

    House of Vapes - London Team


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