House of Vapes - London: Vape shop and Coffee Shop

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  • One to One Sessions

    Whether you are beginning and just want to find the correct device for you or you have plenty of experience our introductory sessions are popular and have met the needs of many. Book the time, save the date and you know you will leave the shop with a smile on your face.

    Even if you want to learn some of the advanced stuff… Current = Voltage divided by resistance… If this interests you? We have the safe space for you to learn.

    We offer two types of one to one sessions:

    Each sessions lasts 45 minutes and provides you with a clear air in which ask any and all questions that you might have.  


    With a tasting bar that exceeds 250 flavours we invite you try the world’s latest eliquids. From France and Paris to California and San Francisco… even from right here in the UK, we’re confident you’ll find something delicious that will suit you perfectly… 

    During this session our staff will provide you with:

    Come and try for yourself!


    Whether you’re brand new to rebuilding or just want to try out some new builds on the latest technology, our rebuilding one to one sessions are a great spot for those in the know (or soon to be). This is a great way to get into building.

    If you’ve just bought your first RDA/RTA you know that we’ll be there to guide you step by step through the whole process. Each is built in its own way, and everyone has their preferred way of doing things, so it’s always interesting to hear new opinions or take advice from other vapers, even our team is enriched and trained every day in the newest tips, tricks and techniques to make your life easier.

    During this session our staff will provide you with: