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    One to One Sessions

    Book a Premium Service

    Whether you are new to vaping, you want to quit smoking or you're already an advanced vaper, our staff members are here to help you!

    Here in House of Vapes - London, we understand that sometimes it can be hard to decide on which setup is best for you, or to find out how to start rebuilding your kit. This is why we offer one to one appointments to our customers and guests. When you book one of our 30 minutes one to one sessions, you will be able to come to one of our coffee shops and discuss your needs in a relaxed and friendly environment.

      Introduction to vaping:

    • Advice on e-liquid selection
    • Advice on starter kits

      Introduction to rebuilding:

    • Advice on box and mechanical mods and anything related to them.
    • Battery safety and advice.
    • Rebuilding, including making your own coils, testing and tempering and finally wicking them!
    • Questions about vaping in general, the products used in rebuildables, and much more!

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