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    At House of Vapes London we have handpicked over 270 different e-liquids ranging from tobacco, sweet, fruit, fresh and creamy blends that comes from all over the globe, to find flavours best suited for you. These brands are available in different sizes and variants such as CBD, nicotine salts, traditional nicotine, 10ml, 50ml and more.

    100 Large Juice e-liquid100 Large70VG£17.99100ml5 Product

    100 Large are committed to creating big and bold flavours. They test out over 50 different tasters before committing to each new recipe, so you know that every bottle you get is going to contain a really top notch e-liquid.  

    Bake 'N' VapeBake 'N' Vape 
    70VG £12.9950ml2 Products

    Bake 'N' Vape specialise in delicious dessert flavours, with a range of rich, sweet, and perfectly balanced juices. Each one of their perfect pudding e-liquids will feel like a trip into Granny's kitchen, perfect for those with a bit of a sweet tooth! 

    Bang Bang JuiceBang Bang Juice 
    70VG£14.9950ml1 Product

    Bang Bang Juice offer a range of high VG e-liquids inspired by flavours from the Far East. Combining exotic fruits in exciting medleys, with an icy cool finish that will keep you refreshed all day long! 

    CBD by Ohm BrewCBD by Ohm Brew 
    100MG+from £5.9910ml4 Products

    Vaping is one of the most effective ways to take your daily CBD supplement, so CBD by Ohm Brew has infused some of their mouth-watering signature flavours with the purest CBD isolate. 

    Charlie's Chalk Dust e-liquidsCharlie's Chalk Dust
    60VG£14.9950ml1 Products

    The popular vape juice from Orange County, California, Charlie's Chalk Dust provides vast ranges of high-quality layered blends, flavours include desserts, candy and fruit blends. Perfectly suited towards sub-ohm vaping.

    Crusher e-liquidsCrusher70VG£19.99100ml1 Product

    Crusher e-liquid contains a savoury blend of tropical and exotic fruits, including Mango, Lemon, Peach, Apricot, and Blackcurrant. Available in 100ml to add nicotine booster! Grab a shortfill today and find your crush!

    Dr Frost e-liquidsDr Frost
    70VG£19.99100ml3 Product

    Dr Frost's range of high VG e-liquids have taken your favourite fruity flavours on an Arctic adventure, for a frosty vaping experience that will leave your tongue tingling! 

    Dr Watson CBDDr Watson CBD 
    100MG+£11.9910ml | Pods 8 Products

    Dr Watson have used their expertise to curate a comprehensive range of high quality CBD solutions that will help you find the perfect CBD formula to suit your needs. 

    Empire Brew e-liquidsEmpire Brew 
    70VG£14.9950ml1 Products

    This unique range of e-liquids gives lets you personalise your vaping experience, using the chiller shot to add an optional extra iciness to any flavour. Choose from Empire Brew's range of freshly-picked fruit medleys and cool soda flavours, then add as little of as much of the chiller shot as you'd like. 

    Hello CBDHello CBD
    50MG+from £3.0010/30/100ml10 Products

    Say hello to a new wave of wellness! Infused with the natural power of hemp, Hello CBD offer a range of CBD solutions with options to suit all needs. Whether you are looking for oral drops or edibles, or a way to introduce CBD into your daily skincare routine, this comprehensive range has got your covered. 

    Ignite LogoIgnite (CBD)100MG+from £7.9910ml14 Products

    With so much marketplace variance in quality and dosage, Ignite strives to be the CBD brand you trust and come back to. By selectively partnering with only the finest sources available, they deliver premium, industry-leading products. As effective as they are natural, consistent and reliably clean.

    Jack Rabbit e-liquidsJack Rabbit
    70VG£13.9950ml1 Products

    Jack Rabbit Vapes have made an artform out of e-liquids, with each flavour perfectly blended for a harmonious vaping experience. Whether you fancy a delightful desert or an exotic fruit medley, Jack Rabbit does it in style. 

    Juice & Power e-liquidsJuice & Power
    70VG£12.9950ml3 Products

    Power up with the Juice & Power range, with bold flavours from fruity favourites to sweet treats.  

    Juul LogoJUUL18MGfrom £9.990.7ml x 47 Products

    Made in the USA, Juul has taken the market by storm. Pre-filled pods that can only be used with the Juul pod kits, they are easy to use, replace and don’t burn when empty. These pods come in different flavours such as green apple, mango, mint, tobacco and crème.

    Kaya CBDKaya CBD
    50MG+from £6.9910/30ml6 Products

    Kaya know that you're not your best when you are stressed, so their range of products combine CBD with adaptogenic plant powers to give you a moment of tranquillity to just breathe. 

    KonceptXIX e-liquidsKonceptXIX 
    80VG£14.9950ml2 Products

    From the master mixologists at Vampire Vape, the KonceptXIX range lets everyone enjoy favourites like Heisenberg and Pinkman by offering high VG shortfills of your favourite vampy flavours. 

    Miami Drippers e-liquidsMiami Drippers
    70VG£14.9950ml1 Products

    Miami Drippers are bringing delectable flavours to the discerning palette, inspired by the flavours of the South Coast. 

    Monsta Vape e-liquidsMonsta Vape
    70VG£14.9950ml2 Products

    There's no tricks here, only treats! From deliciously moreish pudding flavours to scarily succulent fruity juices, Monsta Vape will have you screaming for more! 

    Nasty Juice e-liquidsNasty Juice70VG£14.9950ml3 Products

    Don't let the name fool you, there's nothing nasty about these flavours! Nasty Juice have used their Malaysian roots to create a range of fantastically fruity flavours that will blow your socks off! 

    Ohm Boy Botanics LogoOhm Boy Volume II70VG£14.9950ml1 Products

    Meet the delicious Volume ‘II’ range from Ohm Boy E-liquids… Five expertly crafted Shortfill flavours which blend classic fruit combinations with a twist of horticultural know-how. Capturing the quintessential essence of the great British summertime.

    Ohm Brew 50/50 e-liquidsOhm Brew 50/50
    50VG£3.9910ml36 Products

    Ohm Brew Balanced Blends offer a variety of 50/50 e-liquids in a huge range of flavour options. The nic salt formula makes for an extremely smooth vaping experience, and there are a number of nicotine strength options to help you satisfy your cravings, fast! 

    Ohm Brew Badass Blends e-liquidsOhm Brew Badass Blends
    70VG£12.9950ml16 Products

    Looking for big clouds and badass flavour? Ohm Brew have got you covered! Their Badass Blends offer phenomenal flavours from sweet lemon tart to zingy blue slush, in a high VG shortfill, perfect for sub-ohming. 

    Ohm Brew Baltic Blends e-liquidsOhm Brew Baltic Blends 
    70VG£12.9950ml5 Products

    Ohm Brew's Baltic Blends takes some of your favourite Ohm Brew flavours to an icy new level. Enjoy the flavours you know and love, with a menthol kick that will blow your socks off! 

    Ohm Brew Core e-liquidsOhm Brew Core
    50VG£2.9910ml5 Product

    Enjoy some of your favourite Ohm Brew flavours in a new freebase formula, these punchy e-liquids are a great option for new vapers looking to make the switch to vaping. 

    Ohm Brew Signature Blend e-liquidOhm Brew Signature Blend
    50VG£3.9910ml8 Products

    Ohm Brew have given some of their most popular flavours a unique new formula, which combines freebase and nicotine salts so you can enjoy the best of both worlds. 

    Razz & Jazz e-liquidsRazz & Jazz 
    65VG£12.9950ml5 Product

    From the creators of Twelve Monkeys, Razz & Jazz are a range of e-liquids pairing delicious raspberry gummies with complimentary flavours, for a fresh and fruity all day vape. 

    Six Licks e-liquidsSix Licks
    70VGfrom £19.99100ml3 Product

    Six Licks have curated an award winning range of premium e-liquids that have taken the vaping world by storm. Each flavour is unique, and the result of months of work collecting the purest ingredients and hashing out the perfect recipe. 

    Slushie e-liquidsSlushie70VG£11.9950ml9 Product

    Who doesn’t love an ice cold slushie that is bursting with flavour? Slushie have taken all your favourite flavours and given them a refreshing slushie twist.  

    SQZD e-liquidsSQZD 
    70VG£17.99100ml1 Products

    It's hard to believe you can fit this much flavour into one bottle. The SQZD Fruit Co fruit medleys are positively bursting with juicy flavours that will leave you're mouth watering! 

    Twelve Monkeys e-liquidsTwelve Monkeys
    65VG14.9950ml2 Products

    Twelve Monkeys are renowned for their exotic flavour combinations that will have your dreaming of far flung destinations with every cloud. 

    Riot Squad E-Liquids LogoRiot squad70VG£12.9950ml2 Product

    Riot Squad brings the boldest flavours to create a revolutionary vaping experience. Comes in unique packaging and intense sweet flavour, 70% VG being ideal for sub-ohm vapers.

    Rope Cut LogoRope Cut70VGfrom £2.6010ml / 50ml18 Products

    Rope Cut Liquids are a collection of premium tobacco blends from Canada.
    Hand crafted using the highest quality ingredients. Rope Cut infuses the tobacco flavour you crave with your favourite daily delights, helping you weather through any storm that may come your way.

    Fuu Silver logoThe FUU Silver40VGfrom £2.3010ml16 Products

    Tried and tested blending recipes and uncompromising tastes: the eliquids from the Fuu Silver range allow each Vaper to find the flavour that suits them best. Whether they're classics with a powerful identity or audacious new blends, all of them are manufactured and made with tenderness and care.

    Fuu Gold LogoThe FUU Gold50VGfrom £2.4010ml2 Products

    This short line of two recipes is designed for both beginners & advanced users. Smooth, balanced and elegant the Fuu Original Gold liquids cover the most popular flavours in the vaping universe. Perfect for an all day vape.

    Vampire Vape LogoVampire Vape50VG/70VG£3.9910ml26 Products

    Being one of the most popular brands in the UK, Vampire Vape is a great starter range for beginners as it won the Best High PG Award back in 2017. The range comes in a wide range of flavours, especially their well-known Heisenberg and Pinkman.

    Vitality CBDVitality CBD
    125MG+from £5.001/30/50ml7 Products

    Vitality know that not one CBD solution will suit every person, so they have created a range of different options from e-liquids to topical treatments. No matter what your CBD needs are, Vitality CBD are helping everyone to harness the natural synergy of hemp. 

    Wild Roots e-liquidsWild Roots
    70VG£19.99100ml6 Products

    Wild Roots are bringing you bold, fruity flavours inspired by nature. With unique ingredients like Goji berry and Acai, these distinctly different flavours are mouth-wateringly moreish. 

    Zeus Juice e-liquidsZeus Juice
    70VG£12.9950ml4 Products

    Influenced by tales of Greek mythology, Zeus Juice are serving up some powerful flavours worthy of the Gods.