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    At House of Vapes London we have handpicked over 270 different e-liquids ranging from tobacco, sweet, fruit, fresh and creamy blends that comes from all over the globe, to find flavours best suited for you. These brands are available in different sizes and variants such as CBD, nicotine salts, traditional nicotine, 10ml, 50ml and more.

    13Th Floor Elevapors13th Floor Elevapors70VG£15.9050ml2 Products

    13th Floor Elevapors is a premium e-liquid that stands for forward thinking, and the next evolution of a smoke-free lifestyle. They embrace all forms of expression within vape culture as it applies to the internal and external journeys that sports, music, photography, art, and film provide. 

    Attitude Vape LogoAttitude Vape70VG£14.9050ml2 Products

    Made in England by expert mixologists, Attitude Vape are liquids with attitude. Hand blended using the finest ingredients they will leave you drooling for more.
    The Neons are two e liquids with full power flavour profiles, available in 50ml nic shot ready bottles.

    Aztec LogoAztec (CBD)100MG + £19.90 +10ml8 Products

    AZTEC CBD produce a range of premium hemp e-liquids in the EU since 2016.
    They are one of the first brands in the UK to offer lab-tested Full Spectrum hemp products imported from the EU without THC.

    Barista Brew Co. LogoBarista Brew Co.70VG£17.9050ml3 Products

    E-Liquids crafted in California, by master chemists, artfully blending premium ingredients, setting the ultimate standard for quality. Barista Brew Co. perpetual love for the vape industry and commitment to excellence led them to this moment.

    The Blind Pig LogoBlind Pig75VGFrom: £6.0010ml / 50ml6 Products

    Coming from Canada by the team behind Decoded, The Blind Pig The Blind Pig is a line with interesting concoctions of sweet cocktails catered to dessert lovers. Cocktails designed for sweet tooth vapers. Sometimes it’s wise to turn the blind eye.

    CampiCampfire70VG£17.9050ml1 Product

    Imagine sitting around a campfire, toasting a large marshmallow over the warm fire whilst turning the stick until it goes gooey and a golden-brown caramelised crust appears. Then sandwich it between 2 graham crackers and a piece of chocolate letting it melt. With Campfire you don’t need to! A range with a single flavour, 70% VG made in California, USA.

    Cheeba LogoCheeba70VG£24.90100ml1 Product

    Cheeba is the new premium line by Element e-liquid, capturing the essence of Mother Nature’s florals. This line is made with natural organic terpenes to bring you the best hemp aromas. Featuring the well-known Russian Sour Diesel, in 100ml shortfill.

    Cosmic Fog LogoCosmic Fog70VGFrom: £5.9510ml / 50ml1 Product

    Founded in sunny Orange County, California. Cosmic Fog was one of the first US brands to hit the UK market, bringing the best flavours such as Chewberry. Being the most unique, they create the highest quality e-liquids the vaping world has ever seen.

    Cream Puff LogoCream Puff Factory70VG£5.6050ml1 Product

    Cream Puff Factory is a collaborative effort between Ruthless E-liquid and Penguin E-liquid. Together they managed to create a pâte à choux inspired flavour with a Strawberry filling.

    Curieux 1900Curieux 1900100VG£19.9050ml4 Products

    100% VG & Vegetol Line. The Curieux 1900 Edition showcases fruit blends. This edition takes its name from the Art Nouveau and emblematic works of Alphonse Mucha. What is unique about the 1900 Edition are these illustrations that have been entirely hand-drawn. All of these e-liquids are subtle and inspired by fruit duets. 

    Curieux AstraleCurieux Astrale60VG£19.9050ml6 Products

    The Curieux E-Liquids Astral Edition will delight lovers of gourmet e-liquids as well as fruity fans. With its 40/60 (PG / VG) ratio this range will work without worries on all types of atomizers. The range Curieux Astral are premium liquids made in France with unique visual and sensory identity.

    Curiosites LogoCuriosites40VG£1.7010ml5 Products

    Five clearly identified flying objects. Tenebrio, Volucella, Curculio, Lepitoptera and Bémisia. These Curiosities blend high class and great taste. Refined aromatic blends in which the unusual flavour is always softened by the mellow taste of whipped vanilla cream.

    Decoded LogoDecoded75VGFrom: £2.2010ml / 50ml10 Products

    All of the flavours in the Decoded range are unique and they have put together some great blends to create powerful profiles with something for everyone. From Canada.

    Dinner Lady LogoDinner Lady70VGFrom: £5.9910ml / 50ml8 Products

    Serving nostalgia in a bottle. Home of Lemon Tart, the global award-winning e-liquid. Using only the purest ingredients, creating flavours catered to all and making a huge impact on the UK E-liquid market.

    Dinner Lady CBd LogoDinner Lady CBD70VGFrom £14.9010/15/30ml6 Products

    To enjoy the benefits of CBD, you need a product which suits your lifestyle. Dinner Lady products are made with CBD isolate. 

    Dinner Lady FruitsDinner Lady Fruits70VG£14.9050ml4 Products

    Dinner Lady created their new fruity range for all fruit lovers. With only the purest ingredients these e-liquids, will seduce you with their ripe, tangy taste.

    Dinner Lady Sweets Dinner Lady Sweets70VGFrom £8.9025/50ml7 Products

    Dinner Lady has been cooking up some new flavours, this includes 3 unique sweet flavours that will bring back your childhood memories. This sweet range previously called Tuck Shop comes in a 70%VG ratio, made for sub-ohm Vapers.

    Dinner Lady 50/50 LogoDinner Lady 50/5050VG£4.5010ml9 Products

    Serving nostalgia in a bottle. Now in 50/50. Home of Lemon Tart, the global award-winning e-liquid. Using only the purest ingredients, creating flavours catered to all and making a huge impact on the UK E-liquid market. 

    Vaponaute E-Journeys LogoE-Journey by Vaponaute70VG£3.6010ml1 Product

    Vaponaute takes you to a journey through the senses. Complex, rich and unique e-liquids to open new horizons to pleasure seekers.

    Element LogoElement E-Liquid65VG£7.9010ml8 Products

    A next level vaping phenomenon, Element’s new Nic Salt e-liquid achieves maximum nicotine delivery with minimal hit, yielding optimum fulfilment within a smooth, flavourful vape experience.

    Enfer LogoEnfer70VG£18.9050ml1 Product

    The Enfer is the freshest e-liquid in the world. By the creators of Furiosa, Vaporiginis Galaxy, ioNic and much more..

    Fly CBD LogoFly CBD50VGFrom £19.9010/30ml5 Product

    Fly CBD is made of broad-spectrum CBD. It is a bit of a mix between Full Spectrum CBD and CBD Isolate. Like Full Spectrum CBD, the other compounds found within the plant are preserved in the extract... 

    Frisco Vapor LogoFrisco Vapor65VG/70VGFrom: £4.0010ml / 50ml7 Products

    Frisco Vapor is a store located in the cloudy city of San Francisco, managing to create an award winning vape e-liquid, Soma. They are renowned for their clear and delicious representations of flavour profiles special to the region.

    Froot LogoFroot70VG£12.5050ml3 Products

    Froot has one goal! To create flavours that taste like the real thing. Simplicity is not that easy, spending over 9 months tweaking their flavours so they taste as good as they sound. Choose from the soft, mellow Bango or the tangy yet sweet Razberi, and discover your favourite new freshly pressed Froot juice today!

    Furiosa Vapor LogoFuriosa Vapor90VGFrom £2.4010ml / 40ml9 Products

    Furiosa e-liquid is manufactured in the heart of France. Being a 90% VG e-liquid, their unique, dessert, punchy and exotic flavours are great for all. There’s sweet Epic Tropics, menthol Ice Beam, fruity Lava Drops, tobacco Jungle Trouble and creamy Dragon Clouds.
    Vape the Legend...

    Furiosa Eggz LogoFuriosa Eggz70VG£18.9050ml7 Products

    Discovered Furiosa Eggz on an uncharted island. Bursting with flavour and breaking out with life. These eggs are the spawn of the mythical Furiosa dragon. Choose from Doom, Aria, Ivy, Skeedz and Ultron. Be careful not to release the dragon…

    Fuug Life LogoFuug Life50VG /80VGFrom: £2.2010ml / 50ml17 Products

    Produced in Paris, Fuug Life is inspired by the well-known Thug-life videos. Gaining popularity everywhere they go, this range comes in both 50/50 VG/PG & 80/20 VG/PG making it truly unique. Having flavours that range from rich caramel popcorn to icy mint and Vervain tea. Using the highest quality VG & PG ensuring that Fuug Life has some of the most enjoyable textures found on the market. 

    Grenadine LogoGrenadine50VG£15.9050ml3 Products

    Created in the Paris area by a renowned Flavourist these e-liquids are tested and developed in a laboratory for your pleasure and with the greatest respect for your health. Embark on a journey while discovering and savouring the taste of a rich, generous and subtle vapour. 

    Halcyon Haze LogoHalcyon Haze50VGFrom £3.0010ml3 Products

    Halcyon Haze is a range of premium e-liquid flavours from the UK using premium ingredients. Halcyon Haze was started by a group of like-minded vapers with the intention of creating a complex and fulfilling vape experience.

    Harmony LogoHarmony (CBD)CBD 30+MG£9.901ml / 10ml18 Products

    Harmony e-liquids bring you the natural flavours of OG Kush, Super Lemon Haze and Mango Kush. Extracting the terpenes from the original strains in order to provide the flavours in an e-liquid for electronic cigarettes.

    House of Vapes logoHouse of Vapes - London80VG£1.5010ml1 Product

    We have developed our own nicotine booster to be added to a Shortfill 0mg (50ml/80ml) bottle. Our nicshot is manufactured with the highest grade nicotine and PG/VG.

    Donuts LogoI Can't Believe It's Not Donuts75VGFrom: £2.2010ml / 50ml7 Products

    I Can't Believe It's Not Donuts is a High VG e-liquid from Canada and we think the name speaks for itself. With blends of warm roasted peanut butter, creamy caramel, spicy cinnamon and more. They are so tasty... More real than a freshly baked donut. Be careful not to eat the bottle!

    Illusions Vapor LogoIllusions80VGFrom £7.2010ml3 Products

    Based in Canada, Illusions Vapor is a premium e-juice manufacturer offering the highest quality, mouth-watering and succulent juice for your vaping pleasure. With flavours such as toffee, pear, nectarine, watermelon and more.

    Infuused LogoInfuused50VG£2.0010ml3 Products

    Infuused : 3 recipes in 50VG/50PG that express our love for tea and vaping.
    The flavours used are mostly natural.
    The result: 3 Infuused juices as refreshing as your favourite cup of tea. 

    ioNic LogoioNic60VG£5.9010ml5 Products

    ioNic has been developed specifically for smokers and ex-smokers striving to quit smoking once and for all. 
    ioNic E-liquids are guaranteed to be free of benzoic acid. The entire range is available in two nicotine strengths: 10 and 20mg/mL.

    I VG LogoI VG70VGFrom £6.8050ml4 Products

    Manufactured in the UK, I VG features flavours such as Summer Blaze, Jam Pudding, Kiwi Kool and their award-winning flavour, Bubblegum. They come in a 50ml shortfill, to be boosted with a nicotine shot. 

    I VG SaltsI VG Nic Salts50VG£5.9010ml3 Products

    Nicotine Salts Line. Manufactured in the UK, I VG nicsalts features flavours such as  Summer Blaze, Kiwi Kool and their award-winning flavour, Bubblegum. They come in a 50ml shortfill, to be boosted with a nicotine shot. 

    Juul LogoJUUL14MG£9.990.7ml x 45 Products

    Made in the USA, Juul has taken the market by storm. Pre-filled pods that can only be used with the Juul pod kits, they are easy to use, replace and don’t burn when empty. These pods come in different flavours such as green apple, mango, mint, tobacco and crème.

    J Well E-liquids LogoJWELL50VG£7.5010ml3 Products

    J well is the brains behind devices such as the La Carte and Le Cube. Their Nic salt range has a 50% VG / 50% PG ratio and comes in 3 delicious flavours; Strawberry Milkshake, Butterscotch Tobacco, Vanilla Ice Cream & Macadamia Nuts.

    Kilo Black Series Kilo Black Series70VGFrom £2.5010ml2 Products

    Kilo Black Series is crafted in the US, especially for all the sweet tooth vapers and cloud chasers out there. This range gives you plenty of flavours varying from apple pie, caramel & cinnamon to cookie, milk & birthday cake.

    Kilo White SeriesKilo White Series70VGFrom: £1.9010ml3 Products

    Due to the great success of its big brother, Kilo Black Series. The Kilo White Series range is also for the sweet tooth vapers, offering even sweeter and sugary flavours such as ice cream sandwich, white chocolate strawberry and marshmallow crisp.

    Komodo LogoKomodo85VG£11.8050ml1 Product

    Komodo is a high VG line with unconventional flavour profiles for daring vapers.

    La bonne Vape LogoLa Bonne Vape60VG£19.9050ml3 Products

    Manufactured in USA, taking inspiration from the French sponge cake “Madeleine” La Bonne Vape is a caky range that comes in 3 unique flavours; apple sponge cake, pistachio sponge cake & lemon sponge cake.

    La Fabrique francaise logoLa Fabrique Francaise60VGFrom£13.9050ml6 Products

    Translated to The French Factory, this incredible range brings us French childhood treats. Enjoy the likes of six delicious sugary flavours such as a chocolate glazed sponge cake with coffee syrup L’Opéra (Opera Cake), nutty and creamy choux pastry La Paris-Brest (Paris-Brest), traditional honey spiced Pain D’épicies, French for “Spice Bread” and more. Comes in a ratio of 60% VG / 40% VG, ideal for sub-ohm tanks.

    Le French LiquideLe French Liquide80VG£19.9050ml1 Product

    In order to give a unique dimension to their e-liquid, Le French Liquide uses the perfumer Cédric Merino-Riocher and his team of flavorists to realise their exceptional flavours. Their most famous flavour La Chose is a best seller overseas for more than a year now. So we decided to bring it to you here in the UK! 

    Liquid State LogoLiquid State80VGFrom £4.6050ml2 Products

    Inspired by different recipes in the USA, Liquid State takes it to the next level by crafting memorable and unique flavours from each state and bringing them to you. 

    MDF- Spare Parts LogoSpare Parts by MDF50VGFrom £2.3010ml9 Products

    Mécanique Des Fluides (MDF) is a brand of E-Liquids made in France by Toutatis ! Enter into a unique and audacious universe.
    This range is composed of original and authentic aromas, perfectly balanced.

    Marie Jeanne CBD LogoMarie Jeanne (CBD)100MG +£13.90 +10ml11 Products

    Developed with passion, the brand Marie Jeanne has put all its expertise to offer the best CBD E-liquids . They are bringing unique creations made from the best quality hemp, pure CBD crystal and a high concentration of terpenes. Browse the Marie Jeanne Full Spectrum E-liquids and authentic Terpenes to enjoy an incomparable vape experience.

    Method LogoMethod70VG£5.0010ml1 Product

    Method by Frisco Vapor made in San Francisco. This range is made using Tobacco Free Nicotine: Tobacco Free Nicotine is the purest, cleanest nicotine available not derived from tobacco leaf, stem, or waste dust. 

    MiNimal LogoMiNiMAL50VG£7.5010ml8 Products

    Powerful eliquids, for small devices. The nicotine in the MiNiMAL eliquids is included in the form of salts. That’s the form which is naturally present in the plant. This property enables a satisfaction, closer to the one you get with a tobacco cigarette.

    Moku Oyatsu LogoMr Meringue70VG£17.9050ml2 Products

    Crafted in Orange County, California. A remarkable line of perfectly baked Lemon & Strawberry meringue pie. Sweet tart lemon/strawberry filling, crispy meringue and a scrumptious pie crust finish, all blended together to make a cloud of delicious, all-you-can-vape flavour. Available in a 50ml shortfill to accommodate a nicotine booster, 70%VG, ideal for sub-ohm users.

    Naked 100Naked 10070VG£17.9050ml4 Products

    A brand of critically acclaimed e-liquids recognised world wide for their delicious fruity flavours. Naked 100 e-liquids mix the best ingredients to achieve the ultimate blends. From sweet to tart and even rich tobacco, there’s a flavour for every taste. Experience Naked 100 and taste what’s possible.

    Nasty Juice - Cushman SeriesNasty Juice - Cush Man70VG£16.9050ml3 Products

    Cush Man is crafted by the masters of sweetness. Having great success with their Cush Man flavour (original nasty juice line), they have created the Cush Man line using the same Mango, Low mint base. Experience the sweet, mouthwatering yet icy blends.

    Nasty Juice - NicsaltsNasty Salt50VG£5.9010ml4 Products

    Nasty Salts by Nasty Juice are manufactured in Malaysia and use nicotine salt. Bringing back their 4 bestselling flavours from the original line are now available in 20mg nicotine salt. Slow Blow, Cush Man, Bad Blood and Asap Grape are all great flavours that will leave you with an icy finish. Nicotine Salts are perfect for Starter Kits and Pod Style devices.

    Ohm Brew LogoOhm Brew50VG£4.9010ml6 Products

    Manufactured in Belfast, specialising in nicotine salts, Ohm Brew is a 50%/50% VG/PG featuring a wide range of tobacco, dessert, menthol and fruit based flavours. Works best with Starter Kits and Pod Style Devices, providing a smoother throat hit and powerful flavour.

    Ohm Boy Volume I LogoOhm Boy Volume I70VG£15.9050ml3 Products

    Meet a range of affordable premium flavours from Ohm Boy E-liquids. 5 years of vaping experience and months of flavour development have one into creating the ‘origins’ range. A small but diverse selection of juices sure to satisfy the most discerning of flavour chasers.

    Ohm Boy Botanics LogoOhm Boy Volume II70VG£15.9050ml5 Products

    Meet the delicious Volume ‘II’ range from Ohm Boy E-liquids… Five expertly crafted Shortfill flavours which blend classic fruit combinations with a twist of horticultural know-how. Capturing the quintessential essence of the great British summertime.

    Ohm Brew LogoPacha Mama70VG£17.9050ml5 Products

    A range crafted by Charlie’s Chalk Dust E-liquid, in California. A line designed specifically for fruit lovers, Pacha Mama focuses on the harmony and balance between fruits. If you love sweet and tropical fruits, this luscious line-up is just right for you. Available in a 50ml shortfill to accommodate a nicotine booster, 70%VG, ideal for sub-ohm users.

    Pacha Mama SaltsPacha Mama Salts50VG£5.9010ml7 Products

    A range crafted by Charlie’s Chalk Dust E-liquid, in California. The most desirable fruits on earth blended to an ecletic assortiment of nic salts. A line designed specifically for fruit lovers, Pacha Mama salts focuses on the harmony and balance between fruits. 

    Pomme E-Liquids LogoPomme70VGFrom £9.0050ml3 Products

    It’s French for Apple! Made in America, Pomme is taking inspiration from fresh French apples, bringing you what you have always wanted from an apple vape. This range has clean, crispy, sweet and juicy flavours. Leave behind those so called “apple flavoured’ e-liquids. These flavours have just enough zing and plenty of punch, they will leave your lips tingling.

    Pulp Kitchen E -Liquids LogoPulp Kitchen60VG£15.9050ml3 Products

    Why PULP? It’s not a reference to Tarentino’s movies. It’s all about Taste. Fruits, veggies, wooden spoons and old school juicers… It’s a cook’s kitchen.

    Purity E -Liquids LogoPurity50VGFrom £6.9010/50ml4 Products

    Premium quality E-liquid in great tasting Tobacco, Menthol & Gourmet flavours. A vaping experience designed exclusively for the United Kingdom. Purity premium e-liquids are manufactured in a cleanroom by Nicopure Labs in the United States.

    Red Vape E-LiquidsRed Vape50VG£6.9010ml4 Products

    Manufactured in the central England Midlands region, Nottingham. Using only the best ingredients to develop their complex and multi-level flavours. All the liquids in the Red Vape Reserva range uses flavours that are naturally extracted from tobacco to enhance the vaping experience. Try the Perique,  Shade,  or Havano Gold which are available in 10ml bottles.

    Retro SpexRetro Spex70VG£8.9025ml1 Product

    Ideal for nostalgic types, Retrospex is developed and manufactured in the UK. Winning the coveted ‘Best Show’ award at UK’s best vaping expo with their awesome flavours, bringing back memories from our childhood. Try the bursting bubblegum oldskool classic (Left).

    Riot Squad E-Liquids LogoRiot squad & Punk Grenade70VG£16.9050ml6 Products

    Riot Squad brings the boldest flavours to create a revolutionary vaping experience. Comes in unique packaging and intense sweet flavour, 70% VG being ideal for sub-ohm vapers. Their range includes blends of tropical fruits & citrus, lemon lime & blackcurrant, and lemon & strawberry. Punk Grenade launched in 2018 with an expressive punk theme in our famous patented bullet bottles.

    Rope Cut LogoRope Cut70VGFrom: £2.6010ml / 50ml15 Products

    Rope Cut Liquids are a collection of premium tobacco blends from Canada.
    Hand crafted using the highest quality ingredients. Rope Cut infuses the tobacco flavour you crave with your favourite daily delights, helping you weather through any storm that may come your way.

    Ruthless E-Liquids LogoRuthless60VG/85VGFrom: £5.603x10ml/100ml5 Products

    Manufactured in Southern California. Ruthless creates mouth-watering flavours that maximises the vaping experience. They take pride in the flavours they produce using only the finest ingredients. 

    Satijah CBD LogoSatijah (CBD)CBD 500MGBuy HERE10ml1 Product

    Satijah is a CBD range of e-liquids made for small and non powerful devices. Choose your concentration and be ready to relax.

    Slushy E-Liquids LogoSlushy70VG£19.9050ml3 Products

    Been neglecting your vitamin supply recently? Discover the Slushy line from Canada. Available in 30PG/70VG, these 50ml sweet and juicy creations come in three unique recipes with explosive powers.

    Smax E-Liquids LogoSmax90VG£24.9080ml3 Products

    Smax have outdone themselves in finding the best, most vivid flavours out there then blending them perfectly so that each one complements all the others.

    Specialites E-Liquids LogoSpecialites70VGFrom: £1.7010ml / 50ml6 Products

    Fuu created some High VG Specialites (30%PG / 70%VG) recipes for those who wants to enjoy precise and realistic based juices in their dripper or sub-ohm tanks. Subtle, smooth, tasty... our aromatic blend took us a lot of time and passion. 

    Summer Holidays E-Liquids LogoSummer Holidays70VG£14.9050ml5 Products

    Created by Dinner Lady, these refreshing Summer Holidays drinks are perfect for the hot weather. Seaside classics with a twist and finished off with an incredible crushed ice mix. Choose from Strawberry Bikini, Sunset Mojito, Sun Tan Mango, Flip Flop Lychee and Black Orange Crush.

    T-Juice LogoT-Juice50VG£5.0010ml10 Products

    T-Juice e-liquids are manufactured in the UK to give you premium e-liquids for your e-cigarette. These e-liquids will make your vaping experience exceptional, comes in a 50/50 ratio, perfect for Mouth to Lung users. Try the well-known Red Astaire, Mentice, TY-4, Green Steam and more.

    T-Juice Nic SaltT-Juice Nic Salts50VG£5.9010ml3 Products

    T-Juice Nicotine Salts Range. T-Juice e-liquids are manufactured in the UK to give you premium e-liquids for your e-cigarette. These e-liquids will make your vaping experience exceptional, comes in a 50/50 ratio, perfect for Mouth to Lung users. Try the well-known Red Astaire, UK Smokes & Black N Blue in their nicotine salts version.

    Fuu Silver logoThe FUU Silver40VGFrom: £5.9010ml16 Products

    Tried and tested blending recipes and uncompromising tastes: the eliquids from the Fuu Silver range allow each Vaper to find the flavour that suits them best. Whether they're classics with a powerful identity or audacious new blends, all of them are manufactured and made with tenderness and care.

    Fuu Gold LogoThe FUU Gold50VGFrom: £5.9010ml4 Products

    This short line of 4 recipes is designed for both beginners & advanced users. Smooth, balanced and elegant the Fuu Original Gold liquids cover the most popular flavours in the vaping universe: tobacco, mint, aniseed and sweet. Perfect for an all day vape.

    The Lemonade House logoThe Lemonade House60VG£9.9010ml4 Products

    The Lemonade House from the UK features Lemonade tart flavour as a basis alongside with additional flavours, as Grapefruits, Mangoes, Raspberries and other Tropical fruits..

    The Milkman LogoThe Milkman65VG/70VG£16.90 +50ml2 Products

    The Milkman is the brainchild of Barbara Villegas from Los Angeles. She has brought us this creamy dessert range with flavour combinations like raspberries and cream, churros and cinnamon, milk and cookies, caramel and tobacco, and more. These liquids will seduce your taste buds and keep you coming back for more.

    Thenancara LogoThenancara55VG£7.5010ml3 Products

    Passion for taste, quality and refinement of flavour: Thenancara e-liquids are inspired by the deep-rooted influence of French heritage and savoir-faire.

    Troublemint LogoTroublemint70VG£5.9010ml1 Products

    Made in San Francisco by Frisco Vapor. Troublemint is bringing us two flavours that are made for lemonade and chewing-gum lovers. Coming in multipacks of 3 x 10ml, varying in nicotine strength, these are all day vapes for sure!

    Tuck Shop LogoTuck Shop70VG£14.9050ml3 Products

    This range is now called Dinner Lady Sweets range. Same amazing flavours as before, in bigger bottles with droppers! 

    Tuck Shop LogoTwelve Monkeys Ice Age 65 / 75VG£16.9050ml3 Products

    Swinging in all the way from Toronto, Canada. Twelve Monkeys Ice Age features a range of sweet and juicy fruit flavour e-liquid. Try from Kanzi Iced, Hakuna Iced & Matata Iced, all flavours are accompanied by an icy finish. Features a High VG blend for sub-ohm vapers. Comes in a 50ml shortfill bottle with room to add a 10ml nicotine shot.

    Vampire Vape LogoVampire Vape40VG£4.9010ml5 Products

    Being one of the most popular brands in the UK, Vampire Vape is a great starter range for beginners as it won the Best High PG Award back in 2017. The range comes in a wide range of flavours, especially their well-known Heisenberg and Pinkman.

    Vampire Vape ShortzVampire Vape Shortz70VG£13.9050ml4 Products

    Vampire Vape created a new range called Shortz! With innovating marvellous flavours like their already famous Rubharb & Ginger those 50ml bottles are perfect to vape all-day.

    Vape Dodod london LogoVape Dodo80VGFrom: £5.0010ml / 50ml9 Products

    The Dodo is synonymous with adventure. Exploration into far away lands brought with it unfathomable discoveries of untameable habitats, and forbidden foods. The Dodo discovery became a fable intertwined with tales told of these escapades. Most tales need a protagonist and the Vape Dodo became ours.

    Vaponaute 24 logoVaponaute 2460VGFrom: £5.9010ml / 50ml8 Products

    Walk hand in hand with Vaponaute 24 through your day.
    From sunrise until the darkest hours of the night those e-liquids will take you around the clock...

    Vaporean LogoVaporean60VG£1.9010ml4 Products

    Vaporean by The Fuu. Creative and realistic recipes prepared in 60VG 40PG. Made with love in Paris.

    Vaporigins LogoVaporigins90VG£24.9080ml5 Products

    Tired of 10ml juices? Discover these five flavours in 0mg - 80ml Unicorns. (Meant to be boosted with nicotine to create your personalised nicotine strength). Try the Rainbow Mania, Big Blue, Fury Berry, Blood Citrus and the new Green Flash! You won’t be disappointed.

    Vaporigins Galaxy LogoVaporigins Galaxy70VG£18.9050ml3 Products

    In the beginning, there was vape. Stuck on a galaxy far away, Vaporigins has managed to find its way, but look! They have brought some new friends along. Introducing Vaporigins Galaxy! Three great flavours that vary from apples and pulp to pralines and waffles.

    VGODVGOD (Nicsalt)50VG£5.9010ml3 Products

    SaltNic Labs carefully blends VGOD’s ejuice with higher concentrations of nicotine to offer a great tasting vape experience with smooth satisfying throat hits. VGOD SaltNic vape juice is specifically mixed to enjoy in your favorite low-wattage refillable pod device systems.

    Wavi LogoWavi70VG£5.9010ml1 Product

    From San Francisco by Frisco Vapor, experience this delicious succulent raspberry lollipop called Wavi. It actually feels like it is melting in your mouth. Coming in multipacks of 3 x 10ml, varying in nicotine strength, these flavours are the real deal.

    Wick Liquor LogoWick Liquor80VGFrom: £4.9910ml / 50ml9 Products

    Boutique UK e-liquid? Manufactured in the UK, Wick Liquor has a unique flavour range with five incredible flavours. Choose from blends like fruit punch, Malibu loganberry pulp or glazed dough rings, sugar skull cake.

    Zap! Juice LogoZAP! Juice70VG£14.9050ml5 Products

    An award-winning brand, manufactured in Manchester, UK. Zap! Juice spent many hours perfecting their flavours to bring you strong, sweet, punchy and fruity flavours. The range brings us Lychee Lemonade, Melonade, Golden Pomelo, Passionfruit Zest & Peach Ice Tea

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    ZAP! Juice Presents ZFUEL their New Caffeine injected E-liquid to help fuel your day. These four new unique flavours, inspired by your favourite energy drinks. Bring a new alternative to the vaping world. Containing 300mg of caffeine per 50ml Bottle