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    Jenny's reviews

    Micro Brew Vapor

    Micro brew vapor is a brand new range we have in from The United States. With three great flavors all with their own unique story, these are sure to bring your vape to life!
    One Eyed Turtle
    Kicking off with a true desert flavor, One Eyed Turtle is a deep fried Pretzel dough that has been topped with Graham crackers and a sprinkling of brown sugar. 
    The scent is a really rich pretzel that has a real warmth to it just like it has just been fried and there is a sweet dark sugary feel in the background which picks it up a little. 
    The inhale is rich and warm and has a salty sweet taste from the pretzel and the sugar which gives the sweet kick. It is a dark flavor but really packs a punch and carries the flavor brilliantly.
    As it settles the sweeter side of the liquid comes through a little more and has an almost buttery note coming from the graham cracker as well as a slight caramilsed feel from the sugar. 
    The pretzel holds a more savory feel and while this may seem strange for an e-liquid, it works really well alongside the sweeter tastes of the sugar and graham cracker. 
    The exhale keeps the rich and dark notes that are there in the inhale and there is a really sweet hit that is there right at the end. The vapor is thick and full with a sweet pretzel scent that isn't too overpowering but is lightly noticeable. The aftertaste has a sweet kick to it but still carries the warmth from the pretzel nicely.
    Great for desert lovers and vapers who want something that also has a savory feel to it
    Grumpy Old Bastard 
    If you love your custards and creamy liquids and are looking for something with a twist then this is the liquid for you.
    Described as a decadent and rich butterscotch and caramel cream, this is sure to turn you from being a grumpy vaper into a very happy one after the first hit.
    The scent follows the One Eyed Turtle with a slight savory note running through from the butterscotch  and also having a sweeter feel from the caramel and cream.
    The inhale is a rich cream spiked with just enough of the butterscotch to give the  deep buttery taste and also laced with a sweet caramel to compliment it and lift it. 
    As it settles the butterscotch intensifies and has a nice deep warming taste which has been well mixed into the cream that carries in the background. The caramel brings a sweeter feel which prevents it from becoming too heavy and savory and has a satisfying smoothness to it on the throat hit. The cream is light which works well with the richness of the butterscotch and caramel and blends it all together really well.
    The exhale is smooth and while there are still light notes of the caramel, it is the cream and butterscotch that take the limelight and carry through really well. The vapor is thick and has a light caramel scent to it with the aftertaste lingering with a rich butterscotch and a hint of cream.
    Perfect for desert lovers and a brilliant take on the traditional custard cream flavors
     The Lonely Comet
    Keeping with the desert theme, the Lonely Comet is a punchy parfait of nuts, fruit and cream.
    The scent is a little lighter than the previous two and has a nice creamy feel to it with the hint of dark fruits coming through along with the nuts. 
    The inhale brings the nuts forward really well and the fruit adds a sweetness to them. the cream is light but also creates a rich feel and blends both the nuts and the fruits together really nicely.
    As it settles the fruit comes into play a lot more and there is a juicy sweet taste to it. The nuts add a nice bite to the sweetness and give it a lot more depth. The cream acts a binder and is a lot lighter which allows the other flavors to come through stronger. 
    The exhale is a blend of cream and fruits which is thick yet sweet and light at the same time. The nuts become smoother and add a darkness against the light cream. The fruit still holds it's flavor really well and continues with the juicy taste well after the exhale.
    The vapor is thick and has a delicate nutty scent to it with a hint of fruit. The aftertaste is creamy with the nutty flavor lingering gently.
    This is perfect for desert vape fans who are looking for something a little on the lighter side
    This is a really great range for desert fans. They perform really well in tanks as well as drippers and across a range of power and temperature levels. 
    They are available in 0mg,3mg and 6mg and come in 50ml
    You can purchase them instore and online now!

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    Blind Pig

    Coming from the same people that produced the hugely popular Decoded range comes a new sophisticated line of e-liquid that all have a cocktail them to them.


    The Capone

    Designed with custard lovers in mind that are searching for a new twist to their vape, The Capone blends a creamy Vanilla custard with a sweet amaretto cream finished with a smooth and silky caramel.
    The scent is rich with custard and a subtle hint of the nutty amaretto and the sweetness of the caramel. 
    With the first inhale there is a smooth and creamy hit of custard and the amaretto adds a slight bitter twist. The caramel then steps in to add a contrasting sweetness against the amaretto which blends together perfectly.
    As it settles the amaretto and caramel intensify and create a new and exciting twist away from the usual custard taste. There is a warming almond flavor from the amaretto which hits the back of the throat nicely without coming across to harshly. The caramel is smooth and sweet and almost dark which works with the amaretto to keep the taste sweeter. The custard adds subtle notes of cream and a light vanilla. All three elements work really well together.
    The exhale is smooth and has a really richness coming again from the custard with slight notes of the amaretto and caramel coming through to give the liquid a depth and warmth. The aftertaste is a nice blend of amaretto and caramel with sweet and rich vapor production that has a light vanilla and caramel scent.
    Great for custard fans who want a change from conventional custards.


    The O'Brien stays with the cream of The Capone but takes away the custard,caramel and amaretto and replaces it with Vanilla bean Ice Cream, Kahuna cream and Cinnamon.
    The scent is warm and creamy with a subtle hint of the coffee coming from the Kahula and a light note of cinnamon with the sweetness of the vanilla. 
    The inhale is full of the vanilla ice cream and has a smooth creamy feel to it. The Kahula lightly runs through giving a small spike of coffee and the cream blends nicely with the vanilla ice cream.
    As it settles, the ice cream and kahula stay prominent and the cinnamon intensifies slightly which works really well with the creaminess. There is a slight warming feel to the liquid on the throat hit from the kahula which adds a nice kick that is still smooth.
    The exhale is smooth and rich in the kahula which has a light coffee taste running through it. The Ice cream is light and flavorful and carries the coffee really well keeping it rich. There is a light hint of cinnamon which adds a spiciness to the aftertaste as well as the exhale.
    The vapor is thick and full and has a light creamy scent that lingers and, along with the cinnamon, the kahula is there but very lightly.
    Perfect for creamy vape fans and those who enjoy a hint of coffee in their vape.
    Moving slightly away from the creamier tastes, The Rocco takes a classic Champagne Bellini and mixes some Icy Blueberry in.
    The scent is a rich, sweet and fresh Blueberry with just a slight hint of Champagne in the background which adds a really realistic cocktail feel to it.
    The inhale is a rich Blueberry with just a subtle touch of ice that doesn't overpower but adds a slight freshness and intensifies the sweetness of the Blueberry. The Champagne is soft and adds a little dry note which works well alongside the juiciness of the Blueberry.
    As it settles the Champagne hits the throat nicely with a dry note and this is swiftly followed by the Blueberry which remains sweet throughout. The ice becomes a little stronger but still not so strong that it counteracts the other elements of the flavor.
    The exhale is where this liquid really comes to life with the ice coming through at the initial exhale and there is a dry Champagne flavor that compliments this perfectly.The Blueberry is really fresh on the exhale and both the Champagne and ice create a great base for the sweet notes to come through.
    The vapor is full and dense and has a light Blueberry scent to it. The aftertaste holds the Blueberry really well and has a slight cooling feel to it.
    For vapers who are looking for a fruity liquid with a twist this flavor will be perfect. 
    Brandy is a difficult one when it comes to E-Liquid. However, the makers of Blind Pig have got it spot on with Luciano.
    Described as a caramalised pear that has been infused with a sweet  Brandy reduction, this liquid definately has an air of uniqueness to it and moves into a more sophisticated feel.
    The scent is rich in brandy which is warming and sweet and there is subtle notes of pear and caramel which brighten up the brandy a little. 
    The inhale has a nice warm and sweet hit from the Brandy with the caramel and pears adding a further sweet note as well as a lightness. Neither flavor overpower the other and the balance is just right.
    As it settles the brandy creates a pleasent throat hit which is cool initally and then comes transforms into a warming base for the pear. The pear remains sweet and has a juiciness to it which carries well against the brandy. There is a real sweetness to this flavor and as the Brandy settles and becomes warmer it works as a great contrast with the sweeter notes.
    The exhale mixes the Brandy and pear together so well and the brandy almost works as an enhancer to the pear to bring out the flavor even more.
    The vapor is really dense and has a sweet and subtle caramel pear scent to it. The aftertaste is rich with Brandy and just a subtle sweet note of pear.
    Great for those vapers who are looking for a simple Brandy based E-liquid with a hint of fruit as well.


    Jumping straight back into the creamier flavors of the range, The Real McCoy blends rum with peanut butter, banana custard and caramel for a rich and full cocktail.
    The scent has a rich and nutty feel to it from the peanut butter which provides a savory base for the sweeter banana and caramel. The rum adds a kick to the scent which will remind vapers of a sweet rum cocktail. 
    The inhale is a blast of peanut butter which gives a nice nutty taste and has a slight savory feel and, with the banana following swiftly behind with a creamy, sweet note, it balances it out to stop it becoming too savory. The rum hits the back of the throat with a smooth warming sensation which adds a certain sophisticated twist. 
    As it settles, the banana becomes more prominent and has a freshly made banana custard feel. The peanut butter lingers with hints of nuts and adds a depth to the banana. The rum is sweet and adds a warmth and a real twist to the custard that is unique and also adds a slight dryness to it. The caramel steps in to add a smooth sweet hit against the rum which works perfectly and creates a swirl of rich sweetness.
    The exhale brings the peanut butter back to the front of things and the banana custard lingers in the background adding a creamy note against the drier peanut butter. The rum adds a smooth hit and a slight cooling feel. The caramel works with the peanut butter adding sweet notes and brings turns the exhale nice and smooth.
    The vapor is rich and has a light nutty scent to it. There is a smooth banana custard aftertaste with just the slightest hint of the rum and peanut butter catching on the throat.
    This will be a hit with fans of peanut butter vapes who want something unique and sweet.
    Probably one of the more unusual of the range, The Remes mixes a sharp absinthe and silky absinthe cream, Tangerine and mango together to give a more tropical feel to the liquid.
    The scent is a tropical blast with the Mango taking center stage and just a little hint of the Absinthe giving it a small spike. The Tangerine is juicy and fresh and adds another dimension to the smell. There is a slight creaminess to it which brings all three together nicely.
    The inhale is a blend of sweet and juicy Mango with a sharp yet sweet tangerine and that holds itself really well with just a little sharpness on the tongue. The Absinthe cream adds a little aniseed twist to it and this compliments the sweetness from the Mango and Tangerine. 
    As it settles the absinthe becomes a little stronger and has a sharp feel to it
     but with the cream alongside it remains smooth and rich without overpowering the flavor. The mango does down a little and lets the Tangerine come through and shine a little more with a juicy sweetness and a hint of sharpness which hits the throat nicely but again the cream allows this to have a smoothness to it as well.
    The exhale is bursting with the fruit as the absinthe and cream linger in the background giving a fuller flavor to it.
    The vapor comes through thick and rich and has a slight fruity scent to it with an aftertaste of the fruits slightly tinged with absinthe.
    Great for tropical fruit vape fans who want a new and original twist on the flavor.
    Last but not least is a take on a classic margarita which replaces the Lemon and Lime and replaces it with a fresh Strawberry.
    The scent is a fresh and sweet Strawberry with a background of Tequila which gives a fresher feel to it.
    The inhale is a rich, sweet and fresh Strawberry which fills the mouth perfectly with a punchy flavor. The Tequila adds a slight cooling feel with a sharp and cool throat hit.
    As it settles the Strawberry is still strong and the Tequila also intensifies to bring a cooling sensation which then intensifies the sweetness of the strawberry. There is also a sharpness that comes through but where the sweet notes are more prominent this compliments really well to give a well rounded flavor.
    The exhale still has a cooling feel to it but the Strawberry takes the foreground and has a bursting sweetness to it and a real realistic freshness.
    The vapor is thick and sweet and there is a subtle sweetness to the scent left. The aftertaste is juicy with a lasting slight cool effect from the Tequila.
    Perfect for those who like sweet and fruity vapes who also enjoy a cooling Kick.


    This whole range is a great addition to the E- Liquid market combing classic fruits and desert flavors and giving them a twist in remade classic cocktails. This is a range that really does have something for every vaper.
    They are available for purchase In store and online now!

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    Mellody 18 Dicodes Mod

    The Mellody 18 Dicodes Mod is the newest addition to our extensive hardware range here at House of Vapes and we are pleased to announce that we are the first and only store in the UK to have this model 
    This Beautifully designed mod has been carefully and expertly crafted out of stabilised wood and anodized stainless steel which makes them stand out and also means that there are no two boxes the same so you can be sure of a unique one off product with its own serial number.
    The chip set is a Dicodes FL80 which is the most accurate board made by the well known Dicodes. This ensures you will get the same accuracy and versatility that you will get with the Dani Box and the NO.6. The device has a 60w output and with the accuracy, the user can reach higher power outputs even with a lower resistance coil. 
    There is a great deal of versatility and a wide variety of wire types can be used including Nickel and Stainless Steel. 
    These beautiful mods are limited to us here at House of Vapes and will make a great addition to anyone's vape collection.

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    Arc Mini

    Arc Mini


    When moving from smoking to vaping it can sometimes feel a little overwhelming with the large choice of kits on the market. While a varied selection is never a bad thing, it can be hard to know what is right for you. Over the next few weeks I will be looking at some of our most popular stater kits and looking at how they work and what they can offer.

    Today I am taking a look at the TECC Arc Mini  which proves popular given that it is small and compact yet delivers a good level of power that can be adjusted to suit different needs.

    The battery life is around 10-12 hours of regular usage. This will mean that if it is used at regular intervals throughout the day it should last from the morning until night. 

    The device has an LED screen which will show a host of functions including battery percentage, the resistance of the coil (more on that later!), the voltage setting and the wattage setting and this can be accessed and adjusted by pressing the fire button 3 times and scrolling through using the up and down buttons.

    The voltage and wattage settings come into play when the user wants to increase and decrease the amount of power which will affect the amount of vapor that is produced, the intensity of the hit to the back of the throat and the warmth of the vapor. It can only run in one or the other setting and when in the menu, the user can select which one they wish to use. The device has a limit of 5 volts and 20 watts, however, due to the coil resistance used with the tank provided, it should only be used up to 4 volts or 11.5 watts as otherwise the coil will burn out very quickly.

    The coil is the small heating element in the bottom of the tank and this is what the liquid saturates and heats up as the device is powered. Inside the head the is wire that has been wrapped into a coil and some cotton which soaks up the liquid. These burn out over a period of 1-3 weeks, again dependent on usage, and can be changed by unscrewing from the base and screwing back in again.

    The resistance on any coil will determine how high the power can be set and the higher the resistance the less power needed and the lower the more power is needed. In the case of the Arc mini, it comes with a CS micro tank that uses a 1.5ohm resistance coil which will mean the maximum of between 4 volts or 11.5 watts should be used.

    The draw from it will be what is known as a mouth to lung draw which will feel more like that of a cigarette where the user will fill their mouth up with vapor then take it back before exhaling.

    This kit is great for those who want to make the switch from smoking to vaping and want something compact yet customisable and long lasting. The battery should last around a year if charged correctly, it takes around an hour to charge from dead to full and should only be charged until full in a computer via USB or using a mains plug which has an output of 1AMP or 5 Volts and this will keep the battery in optimum condition.

    They are available in a variety of colors including Silver, Black, Pink and Blue and are available on our website and all of our stores!

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    Eleaf Icare Mini

    Eleaf are giants in the vaping world who always come along with great devices for all types of vapers at great value.

    The Icare mini is no exception to this and although it may be small, it is a great device for new and experienced vapers alike. 

    With a 320mAh battery, it will last around 5-6 hours of light use. The battery is built into the device with a USB charging port at the bottom and will take on average 30 minutes to one hour to charge from flat to full.

    The tank is 2ml and has a fill line in the middle so the user does not over fill which could cause leakage.

    Once you remove the mouth piece there are 2 small ports. One has a rubber washer which helps to keep the mouthpiece secure and the other is where the airflow tube and coil will sit. To install the coil you simply unscrew the tube which can be done using the holes in the mouth piece and then the coil screws on to the end of the tube. 

    The liquid is placed in the open port and once filled, the tube can be placed back in and secured once again using the mouthpiece as a tool.

    The device has no specific on or off feature but has a sensor so when the user vapes it automatically fires and then shuts off after. This is a great feature as there is no danger of auto firing and means that it will be safe in bags or pockets.

    There is also a LED indicator built into the device that will light up when being used and show green for a full battery, yellow for half battery and red when the device needs to be charged.

    The kit comes complete with the device 2x IC 1.1ohm coils and a USB cable.

    This device is great for people who are very light smokers, around 1-5 a day and those who want something small and portable for going out.

    It is available in 5 colors, Black, White, Gold, Cyan and Red all with a white mouthpiece and can be purchased in all of our stores and online now!




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