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    Latest news — rebuilding

    One to one appointments

    One to one appointments are live!

    Dear customers and friends, as of now, we are proud to announce that we are going to offer one to one appointments to all of you who wish to gain more knowledge and experience in Vaping! Our current selection consists of an introduction to Vaping, in which we will take you through what Vaping is, anything to do with devices, liquids and answer any questions you may have. This is a more personal way for you to ask us anything you like about the industry and Vaping culture.

    The secondary appointment focuses on an introduction to rebuildables and will offer information about which mods are right for you, which dripper or rebuildable tank should you go for and things like what are the different types of coils, batteries, wicking methods and so forth. It's meant to be a comprehensive intro to rebuilding in order to have you understand what this wonderful step entails.

    In the near future, we will add another type of session which will be more like a workshop type of event, where we will show you exactly how to rebuild and teach you various clever ways of going about it. This will be a group session, it will be hands on, you will have to get your hands dirty, it shall be practical and it will be loads of fun, so we truly hope you will enjoy it once we launch that!

    As always, any questions or comments are very welcome. We hope you have a fabulous day. Warm regards, - House of Vapes, London.




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