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    Latest news — Petition

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    Fight the European Comission on the regulations of e-cigarettes!

    Dear vapers, 

    As many of you know, our community is constantly bullied by lobbyists and uninformed government officials, who seek to curb the vaping industry by applying unreasonable rules and regulations in order to control and tax the suppliers, juice vendors and the incredibly bright and clever people who, with their innovative ideas, bring us new and exciting devices each week.

    Like with everything in life, we have to fight for vaping as well. A newly proposed regulation called Tobacco Products Directive, abbreviated as TPD, contains various proposals in tobacco product regulation and article 20 of this regulation covers changes for E-Cigarettes. 

    Amongst the proposed changes, there are other articles noting changes to taxation and proposed regulations to e-liquid manufacturing, the most drastic one's are:

    • Limitations on e-liquid flavours. Only the most basic flavours will be allowed. No more complex, tasty, flavourful e-juices will be sold once this regulation comes into play.
    • No more re-fillable tanks. The only tanks you will be able to buy, will be pre-filled tanks which you then need to dispose of after they're empty.
    • No bottles larger than 10ml will be allowed to be sold.
    • The composition of liquids will be streamlined and you will no longer be able to choose from various compositions of PG/VG. This means that those of you allergic to PG will not be able to even begin using e-cigarettes, since most beginner liquids are PG heavy and are the main type of pre-manufactured and widely distributed e-liquids.
    • The e-cig industry will be heavily taxed because we all use Nicotine which is classed as a tobacco product, when in reality it can be extracted from various vegetables and other greens such as tea for example. This will be passed on to customers as a higher price of products they purchase to recoup retail costs.
    • DIY'ers will suffer from this nicotine taxation as well.
    • The maximum strength of nicotine allowed will be 0.2% for the pure nicotine solution. This means that you will have to use less concentrated nicotine solutions in your e-juice mixes, making them last less long.

    The vast majority of e-cigarette users and vaping activists claim these regulations stem from growing fears in the tobacco industry which cannot compete with the vaping industry and thus is doing anything it can to cripple it. Many articles online detail the numerous fallacious studies that have been funded by the tobacco industry to misinform and discourage new vapers as well as government officials. Whether or not this is the case, going by the empirical evidence, we believe in vaping as an effective, pleasant, cost-effective way to quit smoking and regain your health.

    We strongly believe that via use of electronic cigarettes, people will be able to quit smoking more effectively and honestly speaking, we're incredibly happy to see many of our customers come to us for the last time, and tell us how vaping helped them quit and that they are leaving vaping behind for a life free of the habit and addiction to nicotine. We bid them farewell and hope that each and every one of you who come to any vaping store will quit the incredibly harmful, expensive habit that rules over your life and destroys your health. And all of us, not just the staff here in the House of Vapes will be there to support and encourage you, by any means necessary.

    So, for the sake of yourselves, us and the many, many people who are just beginning their journey, support this petition and any other you come across, in order to help all of us retain the right to vape the way we want it, and maybe one day we will all witness the final bell ring for the tobacco industry as they close their doors for good. 

    Link to petition:


    Warm regards,

    House of Vapes - London



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