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    Latest news — no-smoke

    Stoptober with House of Vapes

    Summer's over... but...

    As we bare witness to shortening of days and the drop in temperatures, we're all now faced with the dreadful inevitability of coming rain, chilly winds, puddles on every damned street corner, misery and gloom - basically. The autumn season isn't all that well received by anyone in any country, as we tend to associate it with stress, feeling down, less energetic and other types of "deflated". On top of that, there's likely going to be more people shifting their mind-set to dreariness and thus seeking solace from stress and gloom via cigarettes amongst other things. Who can blame them, right? We smell misery coming a mile away, and we don't bloody want it this soon!

    Artists rendering of typical reaction to the coming autumn season.

    Artists rendering of typical reaction to the coming autumn season.

    Well, after a rather depressing intro, let's turn this around. October is actually the perfect month for quitting that nasty habit we keep talking about. With more and more people shifting to Vaping and swearing by the benefits it brings, we think its high time you jumped on the bandwagon. 

    We want to be able to help you with your plunge into Vaping. It's not an easy step, but it is well worth it. This is why our wonderful team is happy to take you through every detail regarding Vaping and get you started with the right tools to get you going. To help you along, we're launching another contest, for Stoptober we have planned some exciting things for our customers and people who want to join the growing numbers of those who Vape. Here's what is happening in the nearby future:

    On October 7th, we're launching a photo competition on Instagram where you will stand a chance to win some great goodies. Stay tuned for that one.

    Around middle of October, we will have a interactive game prepared for anyone who want to join us.

    As Halloween hits us, we will be encouraging our customers to show up to our shops wearing their best costumes and we will turn that into draw where at the end, three lucky and spooky winners will walk away with some amazing prizes!

    Like we've said, exciting stuff. So wipe off that frown, come on in and grab a coffee and a vape with us.

    - Sincerely,

    House of Vapes, London



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