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  • What is vaping?

    April 12, 2018

    Vaping is the word commonly used to refer to the use of an electronic cigarette (e-cigarette).


    Vaping was initially created as a method to help reduce or replace smoking, so it’s targeted to people who wish to quit smoking.

    The basic concept is to use a battery powered device that will heat up a coil which is soaked with e-liquid and will produce vapour from heating up the e-liquid. There will be no combustion of tobacco. Some people like to compare it to a small size kettle that heats e-liquid so as to produce vapour.

    Although there has been some discussion over whether it would be a gateway into smoking for those that are under the legal smoking age, however, this is something that has not happened and the market focuses on those who already smoke and are over 18.


    The e-liquid may have nicotine in different levels, all the way from 0mg (no nicotine) to 20mg (highest level available).

    The most common nicotine levels found in commercial e-liquid are:

    • 0 mg (no nicotine)
    • 3 mg (low nicotine)
    • 6 mg (mid nicotine)
    • 12 mg (high nicotine)
    • 20 mg (highest nicotine available)

    There is a whole universe of different flavours of e-liquids, which can be divided in some main categories such as:

    • Tobacco 
    • Fruit 
    • Dessert 
    • Drinks 
    • Fresh 

    Pretty much there will be a flavour that will be the best one for you or you may even choose different flavours according to your preferences or needs. It’s always advisable to test them before buying so as to be sure that the flavour you will be vaping is a personal favourite.



    There are many devices in all sizes, shapes, colours. Their technical features will have a direct influence in the amount of vapour produced.

    Devices can be initially divided in 2 categories:

    • MTL (Mouth to Lung) devices: these are designed to mimic the smoking experience, with a tighter draw and vapour production similar to a cigarette with which users usually do a “double intake”. While they take the draw, they hold the vapour in the mouth and then inhale to the lungs. They are commonly used with 6mg or higher nicotine e-liquids.
    • DL (Direct Lung) devices: These will be more like a Shisha experience. They will produce more vapour with a direct intake to the lung. As the user takes the drag, breathes it directly into the lungs. The most common nicotine levels with the e-liquid used in these devices is 3mg or lower.

    Vaping has become a common debate in the news and social media. Even though some claim that it is something “new”, a “new phenomenon” that is not yet fully tested… that is not correct.

    So… to sum up… if you are looking to reduce or quit smoking, give them a go.

    House of Vapes team


    1. The e-cigarette has been around for some time now. You can check its history : LINK HERE 

    2. Many studies have been conducted, from which we would like to point out: LINK HERE

    3. There have been as well some documentaries on TV like: LINK HERE


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