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  • Stoptober 2019 Guide

    September 30, 2019

    Stoptober 2019 House of Vapes London

    Stoptober 2019 is finally here!

    This year we are trying to help convert as many smokers as we can by offering a free 10ml bottle of e-liquid with every kit purchased. You don’t have to wait until the new year to quit smoking, we all know it’s difficult breaking a bad habit, whether it’s big or small. This Stoptober, we can help you break two habits; overspending and smoking tobacco, this will make you feel and smell a lot better! 

    Apparently, it takes 28 days of not smoking to more likely quit for good. Why don’t you try it? Below, we have created a few tips to help you not touch the ciggies and experience life with nicer skin, better-smelling clothes, more energy, healthier lifestyle and massive savings!

    When purchasing a kit, you can enjoy any 10ml bottle of e-liquid free of charge with code: STOPTOBER19 at checkout.

    • Treat yourself to a great device – This is the first, and probably biggest step you'll take into vaping. We have devices to suit the lightest to the heaviest smokers in a range of styles and colours to suit everyone.
    • Nicotine Salt – Not many people like the harshness of a high strength e-liquid, instead, why not try nicotine salt? Smooth on the throat with no harshness, it is the closest feeling to a cigarette in the vaping world.
    • Convert a friend or partner? – Why not start the journey with a friend? When times are tough, you can help each other out.
    • Enough e-liquid – Make sure to always have a spare bottle of your favourite e-liquid, it really is a nightmare when running out of juice. 10ml’s would usually last around 3 days for beginners using a standard nicotine e-liquid and 7 days using nicotine salt. We also offer same-day delivery in London, so you can get your e-liquids even if you can't get to the store.
    • Try new flavours – you never know how long you will enjoy your flavour for, it’s always good to rotate between at least two flavours. 
    • Many options – With the number of devices out there, you will always be able to find one suited to you. Even if it isn’t the first setup you chose, keep looking and you will manage to do the transition.
    • Savings!– On average, people save around £1,500 per year after making the change. Try and see it for yourself!

    We also have a range of support available be it by phone, live chat via our website or in-store, we are on hand to offer support and advice at every stage. 

     House of Vapes - Team


    Alternative websites to look at:

    National Health Service

    British Lung Foundation


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