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  • Vaping an Electronic Cigarette Abroad

    July 17, 2019 1 Comment

    Vaping an e-cigarette abroad

    The question we all want answers to. Can I bring a vape on flight with me? Travelling by air to a country you’ve never been to can be both stressful and worrying yet exciting at the same time. Here at House of Vapes London, we have compiled a guide to help know the rights and wrongs with e-cigarettes both on flight and abroad. Each country has its own laws on vaping, we would always recommend checking the relevant government websites before vaping in a foreign country. This should also be done before boarding your plane and entering the airport itself.

    Countries that have banned vaping: (As of April 2019)

    Countries that ban vape

    List of countries: Argentina, Egypt, Mexico, Taiwan, Brazil, Indonesia, Panama, Thailand, Brunei, Jordan, Philippines, Uruguay, Cambodia, Lebanon, Qatar,  Venezuela, Colombia, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam.

    Countries that restrict vaping: (As of April 2019)

    Australia – You may import e-liquid containing nicotine for personal use, you cannot vape in Queensland. You cannot legally purchase e-liquid containing nicotine anywhere in Australia.

    Japan / Norway – You may import e-liquid containing nicotine for personal use. You cannot legally purchase e-liquid containing nicotine.

    India – States such as Karnataka, Kerala, Punjab, Jammu, Kashmir, Mizoram and Maharashtra have banned vaping, however, in other parts of the country vaping is legal.

    Canada – Vaping is prohibited for under 19-year olds. In addition, ask before vaping as it can be seen as rude without asking.

    Vaping Holiday Checklist:

    After all the checks have been made, make sure you are fully prepared for any electronic cigarette emergency.

    Vape Checklist

    Packing Tips:

    To avoid leakage, we recommend emptying your e-liquid from the tank as the air pressure will cause the liquid to leak through the airflow and this can cause damage to clothes amongst other items and even the mod. In addition to this, if you have a glass bottle containing e-liquid, it’s best to transfer the liquid to a plastic one in order to avoid breakage. You should also invest in a vape carry case, rubber battery sleeves or battery cases as these will help protect your vape hardware and help keep all your items organised.

    In UK Airports, the laws surrounding liquids through security are no more than 100ml of liquid per bottle are allowed and must be stored in a clear plastic bag (provided at most airports free of charge). Vape gear can be held in your hand luggage, just remember to not vape unless there is a designated area. You should keep devices fully assembled unless asked otherwise. As mentioned above, each airline has its own rules/laws surrounding bringing vapes on a plane.

    Can I vape on flight?

    Vaping is prohibited on flight; you cannot vape in the cabin of an airliner flying to or from the United Kingdom. Vaping is subject to the same public ban as smoking.


    Once arrived at your destination, check with the hotel staff that you can use your e-cigarette in the hotel and if there are any restrictions on vaping. If there are none, sit back and enjoy the atmosphere, you’ve deserved it.

    Please Note: House of Vapes London does not hold any responsibility for what experience might occur during your travels. The information provided is a general guide, laws and regulations must be checked before travelling and do change over time.

    We are always nearby, whether it's by phone, live chat via our website or in store, we are on hand to offer support and advice.

    House of Vapes London - Team



    1. Banned / Restricted countries (Here)

    2. Vaping on a plane (Here)

    3. CAA Guidelines (Here)


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